Dimitri Tsykalov

Skull I, 2005

3/7/12 – Artist Bio: Skulls

I discovered the works of Dimitri Tsykalov through the internet and I found a selection of fruit and vegetables that have been carved into the shape of a skull. Dimitri Tsykalov is a Russian artist who has carved the image of the skull into apples, watermelons, aubergines, pumpkins and cabbages.

Each skull is photographed against a black backdrop, which emphasises the shape of each skull within the image. Each skull varies in shape and size, which also adds an interesting effect to each image. The fruit and vegetables also adds colour to each photo, which also creates an interesting composition between the skull and the backdrop.

Skull IV, 2008

Tsykalov has created a very creative and innovative concept, which invites one to observe the shape and the form of each skull. The artists work invites me to question whether Tsykolov actually documents the fruit / vegetables fermenting or rotting. It would be interesting to see the skulls rotting and I wonder whether the skull would change shape over time.

Beretta 92F6, 2007


Tsykalov has also created some nude portrait shots, which are juxtaposed with weapons or head garments that are made from meat. The artist has photographed models from different ethnic backgrounds and age groups, which also creates a very striking composition.

The nude models appear to be holding or carrying a weapon, which are created from organic materials. The weapons initiate a striking comparison between the model and the blood, which seeps through Tsykalov designs. The body of work also features a diverse range of people, which differs from the ordinary fashion shoot with flawless models. The differences actually provide Tsykalov’s portraits with an interesting and distinctive style or concept.

Commando I, 2008

Each model is actually holding onto the remains of a dead animal and perhaps the images invites one to question death or immorality. There is limited information on the artist so it is difficult to determine where the meat was sourced from or why the artist had decided to create weapons from meat. Perhaps Tsykolv’s work features a strong emphasis upon life and death, which is implied through the actual subject matter.

One could argue that Tsykalov’s work relates to war or terrorism and the models may represent all those that are effected by these spontaneous acts of violence. The meat and the weapons may signify death and violence, while the model’s may reflect life or cultural diversity.

Gas Mask I, 2008

Tsykalov’s work is quite provocative, although the artist has effectively used an organic material as a source of artistic merit and creativity, which encourages one to interpret life or death from an entirely different perspective.

Please click on the link if you would like to see other images. WARNING: The images on the site do contain nudity http://dimitritsykalov.com/#meat 

Dimitri Tsykalov, Official Website, http://dimitritsykalov.com/#home (Accessed 3/7/12) Images are taken from Dimitri Tsykolv’s website. 

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