I Want Your Skull

Shawn Hebrank, VIII, 2009

2/7/12 – I Want Your Skull Website

I Want you Skull is a site, which allows artists to submit drawings, illustrations, photographs or designs, which feature the ‘image of the skull’. According to the website, the project is founded by Ryan August who began to examine the iconic representation of the skull in contemporary art and popular culture.

The submissions are then displayed within a book / magazine, which is then published and distributed across the world. The magazines features a range of art, illustration, photography and design, which feature different interpretations of the skull.

I Want Your Skull has released the 8th Issue, which also used Shawn Hebrank’s image for the front cover. I discovered Hebrank’s work through the internet and the artists website also features elegant and elaborate designs.

Hebrank is an artist and a tattoo designer whose work frequently displays the image of the skull. VIII features a striking composition between the skull, the ribcage, the acorns and the rodent. The leaves also compliments the shape and the form of the skull, which also contrasts with the golden complexion of the acorns.

One could argue that Hebrank’s image is similar to the Vanitas or the Renaissance still life paintings through the composition between the skull, the leaves and the acorns. The brush strokes also provide texture and tactility to the image, which enhances the colours within the backdrop as well as the foreground.

VII is a very striking image, which would definitely make an excellent front cover for the project and the magazine. The subjects are well designed and the image invites the audience to observe the skull’s animated grin.

I Want Your Skull is an interesting project, which provides artists and designers with the opportunity to display their work within a publication. If you do wish to publish your work, I Want your Skull is definitely worth checking out!



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