Death Sauce

4/7/12 – A new definition for hot chilli sauce, Death Sauce! 

Today my boyfriend emailed me photographs of a bottle of chilli sauce, also known as Death Sauce, which was found in a Mexican / Spanish restaurant  in Melbourne. The bottle features an image of the skull on the front of the bottle, which also features a star and a planet in both of the eye sockets. The skull is also juxtaposed with the flames, which are associated with the name, which also indicates how hot the chilli sauce really is.

The name is quite inventive and the Death Sauce website has listed all of the names. According to the website there is “Original Death, Jalapeno, After Death, Sudden Death Sauce, Mega Death and Dry Spice Death Rain Habanero”.

I have not tried the chilli sauce, although I am yet to find out! Stay Tuned!

Death Sauce, 

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