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Black & Yellow Skull Continued…

7/2/13 – Long Lost Photographs of Skulls are Found at Long Last! 

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to make room on my SD card; while I was flicking through the files on my camera, I found photographs of the yellow and black sugar skull I had decorated last month. I then realised that I had completely forgotten to save the photographs to my computer so I quickly transported the files into a another file so I wouldn’t loose them forever! I didn’t even realise I had photographs from last month, but I am glad I now have the files so I can now upload them onto Black Calavera. In one of my previous posts, I explained how I accidentally made black icing sugar instead of purple; I seriously wasn’t going to let this mistake ruin my opportunity to decorate some sugar skulls. I decided to go along with it, at first I was seriously doubting the consistency of the icing sugar, although I was pleased with the composition between the black and the yellow.


Most of the time I just create random designs, I often create the first thing that enters my head. Every time I try to plan or organise a design for the sugar skulls, the icing sugar explodes everywhere and I am then forced to seek other alternatives. It all has to do with the temperature and the consistency of the icing sugar, if those to aren’t right, then there’s always a lot of cleaning up to do. Runny icing sugar is just a disaster, once it pours from the zip lock bag, it doesn’t stop, seriously, you sit down expecting to decorate a sugar skull, instead you find yourself in a pool of icing sugar.


If you are prepared to get messy, decorating the sugar skulls is really fun! The sugar skulls have become a canvas for me, if I have an idea I just applying them to the sugar skull. It’s not too easy either, you must a steady hand in order to control the icing sugar otherwise you could end up with a skull that looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. Actually come to think of it, that would be rather interesting!

Black & Yellow Sugar Skull

21 – 25/1/13 – Work in Progress 

I have been rather busy over the past few weeks, although I did manage to decorate some more sugar skulls in my spare time. I used the rest of the icing sugar in the back of the cupboard in order to create yellow and purple icing sugar; I then use the mixture for patterns / Illustrations. Well, I didn’t have a lot of luck mixing the icing sugar; the purple did turn to black, which was highly unfortunate. I do have an interest for complimentary colours and I thought it would be interesting to create a purple and yellow sugar skull.

Well that plan didn’t work as well as I was expecting; I suddenly realised that I had run out of icing sugar. I just decided to go along with it and just use the black icing sugar, I spontaneously created a random design and then I used the yellow icing sugar in order to create a strong composition. I wasn’t too sure to begin with and I decided to continue decorating the skull until I was pleased with the results.

I decided to photograph the black and yellow skull along with the other sugar skulls I have decorated; I though this idea would create an interesting juxtaposition between all the different colours.

Blue, Yellow & Grey Skull Part II


16/12/12 – Extra Photographs

So before I parted from my beloved sugar skull, I decided to take several photographs with the sunlight glaring through the window.I have already taken photographs of the skull at night time and I thought I would quick take a few extra photographs in the morning just before I caught the train up to Melbourne.  The light wasn’t as bright as I was expecting but I did manage to take some good quality photographs.


This skull was designed as a gift and the decorating does allow myself to practise with the icing sugar. I’ve just uploaded a few photographs and they’ll be plenty more to come tomorrow, so stay tuned! 🙂


Pink, Red & Yellow Skull

30/5/12 – Experiment

I was just about to eat a packet of snakes, when I decided to use the lollies to create an image of a skull. I also used the scissors to create different shapes and I used a black sheet of paper for the back drop.

The 35-50 mm lens suits this particular project compared to the 60mm lens and the image was taken during the middle of the day, which also modified the aperture speed. I used photoshop CS4 to enhance the levels, the brightness and the contrast.