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Skulls, Skeletons and Tequila, Espolón has it all!


Espolón Advertising by Steven Noble 

Espolón Tequila is one unique, innovative brand that features a smooth, delicate flavour along with a creative label that will leave a very memorable impression! As soon as I recognised the bottle of Espolón, I instantly developed to the urge to purchase a bottle for myself and the product design immediately attracted my attention. While I was tempted to try the tequila, I wanted to keep the bottle for the inspiring label / packaging.

So what makes this bottle of tequila so interesting? Well, the tequila isn’t too overpowering, Espolón does create some fantastic Paloma’s on a warm summers day, the packaging is inspiring and the overall brand features a very compelling story! The label features a range of lively, animated skeletons and the overall style does feature similarities to the Mexican Day of the Dead Festival that invites deceased family members and spirits to partake in the celebration, as referenced by Regina.M Marchi.1 I’ve mentioned these particular elements in my previous posts but I’ll briefly mention some of the most important points. If you are interested in viewing the previous posts just click on the links to Part I and Part II

Espolón Advertising – Steven Noble

Espolón’s product design features similarities to the works of José Guadalupe Posada and there is an illustration known as the “The Calavera of Don Quixote 1910” that appears almost identical to the label; Espolon’s design presents a very distinctive appropriation that reflect’s Mexico’s cultural and historical background.2 I’m assuming that Posada’s prints would be available under ‘free use,’ this would be a very interesting area to explore or research in the next week. According to Regina.M.Marchi, Posada is an influential artist / printmaker from Mexico who produced a range of delightful prints or illustrations featuring a range of enthusiastic, animated skeletons during the 19th century.

In the illustrations, the playful skeletons partake in a range of activities or events wearing a range of outfits or accessories and Posada’s distinctive style provides a humorous perspective of death, as referenced by Marchi.3 Espolón have used these lively skeletons to advertise their tequila, although I can’t see anything wrong with this, the story does feature some cultural associations or symbology that provides context to the overall brand. Espolón delivers a level of authenticity through the packaging or product design that is inspired by one unique symbol.

espolon-revolutionEspolón Product Design / Labelling 

According to the Espolón official website, “Master Distiller, Cirilo Oropeza” created a brand of Tequila that was named after the spur found on the back of a Rooster’s heal and “Espolón pays tribute to the legendary bird so important within Mexican culture.”4 This is a very fascinating concept that has invited me to research the significance behind the rooster and Elías Domínguez Barajas in the ‘Function of Proverbs in Discourse’ explains that the rooster features a connection to “bravery, pride and confidence” within Mexican Culture.5

This is a very interesting discovery that definitely adds a level of interest towards Espolón and the brand’s overall history. While I’m interested in researching the cultural and historical associations related to the brand, I do enjoy a glass of Blanco with a slice of lime. This particular type of Tequila works exceptionally well as a cocktail or a mixed drink and I would definitely recommend Espolón if you intend to create a Paloma or an Espresso Martini.

José Guadalupe Posada – Print / Illustration: 
The Calavera of Don Quixote, 1910

The tequila also works as a delicious alcoholic beverage just by itself with some ice and a slice of lime. While there are other brands of tequila that feature an outstanding flavour, Espolón is exceptional for the price and it’s very affordable, especially for the overall quality! So if you’re planning a dinner party and you need Tequila for a dozen Paloma’s, this is definitely the one to go for!

According to Espolon’s website, the tequila features “100% pure agave” that is created / distilled in “Los Altos, Mexico.” From a personal opinion, I do enjoy the Blanco compared the Respado that is aged for several months in an “oak barrel,” as referenced by Espolón.6 This is just my personal preference and I prefer something with a smooth flavour or texture. If you’re new to tequila, I would recommend the Blanco to start off with, if you’re searching for something with a strong, full-bodied flavour then the Respado is an excellent choice.

Espolón Tequila 1
Espolón features some very compelling, yet distinctive advertisements that are very admirable and the designs are created by Steven Noble. Last but not least, I thought I would briefly mention my recent discovery in regards to my statistics on my WordPress profile.

This year so far, I’ve received 482 views for my previous post in regards to Espolón tequila that ranked number six on my top posts for 2015. This is a very interesting conclusion that demonstrates Espolón’s increase in popularity. Perhaps there is a demand for skulls and tequila, it’ll be interesting to observe the statistics overtime in order to view any significant changes.

So if you enjoy relaxing on the deck chair with a refreshing glass of tequila, I would recommend Espolón! Not only will you receive a high quality product, you’ll obtain an awesome bottle with some incredible designs including skulls, skeletons and a rooster, what more could you possibly ask for? If you love skulls and tequila, this is the brand for you.

Espolón also features a Facebook Page and a Twitter Page that is worth viewing if you wish to acquire further information! These amazing advertisements are created by Steven Noble, click on the link to view the artist’s Behance Portfolio.


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Espolon Tequila: Advertising Campaign

16/7/12 – Espolon’s Public Facebook Profile 

The other day, I recognised an advertisement from Espolon Tequila through my Facebook news feed and I decided to click onto their profile page, I just couldn’t resist the temptation. The advertisement is covered with lively and animated skeletons that successfully adds an element of humour and satire. Espolon’s product design is highly creative, innovative and utterly irresistible, who wouldn’t want a delicious glass of tequila along with an amazing bottle?

In one of my previous posts, I conducted some additional research in regards to the history behind Espolon Tequila including the connection between the overall packaging and the Mexican Day of the Dead. Click on the link below for further information. https://skullsproject.wordpress.com/?s=espolon

I decided to have a search through Espolon’s Facebook public profile, where I discovered a variety of photographs, advertisements and video clips as well as some amazing cocktails recipes! The cocktails are inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration and the beverages also feature a range of skeletal figures and skulls. Once I gather the ingredients, I shall have to try these delicious cocktails, if only I could add a small skeletal figurine with a saxophone, that would just make my day!

LOS MUERTOS, created by Raul Yrastorza

THE PROCESSION, created by Daniel Hyatt

(NOTE! all images are from the Espolon Facebook Profile) If you like Tequila then I suggest trying a bottle of Espolon and checking out their amazing Facebook profile of website.



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Skull Shot Glasses

9/8/12 – Skulls, Shot Glasses and Tequila

On Wednesday, I received a shot glass in the shape of a skull, which has become an area of fascination. The actual shape and the design of the shot glass does provide a very interesting representation of the skull, which appears to be grinning or smirking.

The shot glasses are definitely a fun object to have especially if you plan to drink spirits or any alcoholic beverages. I have also acquired a taste for Tequila through Espolon’s unique and innovative packaging, which also features references to the Day of the Dead celebration.


I am still undecided as to whether I actually like taste of  Tequila or whether I am interested in the advertising or the product design. The other day I was drinking Espolon Tequila from skull shot glasses, which I was very exciting at this particular point in time.

Have brands like Espolon used a Tequila bottle as an authentic art piece, which reflects Mexico’s spiritual association with the dead or has the celebration became another commercial product?

I do believe that advertising does have the power to influence the tastes or preferences of consumers worldwide and Espolon has effectively promoted Mexico’s cultural celebration with the dead through innovation and creativity.

Please excuse the low quality photographs, I only had a low resolution camera available at the time.

Espolon Tequila. Official Website, http://www.tequilaespolon.com/en/en-main.php?age=verified 

Espolon Tequila (Continued)

3/6/12 – Mysterious Espolon Tequila bottle found within back of the Car

The other day I opened the boot of my car and I found another bottle of Espolon Tequila hidden beneath a couple of blankets. I wondered how a bottle of Tequila managed to find it’s way to the boot of the car and I assumed that someone else had forgotten to remove the bottle.

I am beginning to notice that this particular brand of Tequila is becoming quite popular and there are many restaurants around Melbourne that are selling Espolon. Friends, family members and other internet users have mentioned Espolon, which questions whether the label is beginning to attract a large audience.

Does Espolon Tequila demonstrate that there is an interest for the skull and the Day of the Dead festival within the Western culture? Has the corpse become a desirable product or just another fad?

Tequila, Espolon. “Real Mexico. True Stroy.” Espolon Tequila, http://www.tequilaespolon.com/en/en-main.php?age=verified. (Accessed 3/6/12)

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Tequila Bottles

24/4/12 – Mammacitas Restaurant, Melbourne

Went to Mammacitas on Collins Street for lunch and recognised these skulls on the top shelf within the bar. Mammacitas is a Mexican restaurant and the bottles do appear similar to the Mexican sugar skulls. I had asked the waiter about the skulls and he had explained that they were bottles of Tequila. There were smaller bottles, which were offered to patrons who ordered tequila within the restaurant. The bottles within the restaurant appear similar to the image at the top of the page.

The bottles within the image belong to a brand also known as Kah Tequila and each skull features a different representation or meaning. The website also explains that the Day of the Day inspired the design of each bottle, which are used to celebrate death and the deceased.

KahTequila, http://www.kahtequila.com/#!the-brand (accessed 24/4/12)

Image, http://msnyder.typepad.com/the_labyrinth/2011/10/skulls-knitted-filigreed-and-filled.html