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Skull & Crossbones Doona Cover found on Sugar Skulls Facebook Page


While I was casually browsing my Facebook page, I discovered a very interesting photograph that I just had to share with the rest of the world! The image features doona and sheet sets with the skull and cross bone printed onto the very front; as soon as I found the image I had to refrain myself from buying the entire set. What isn’t there to like about the quilt cover and the pillow cases? The skull and crossbones do create a very interesting pattern and design on the front, I mean how can you go wrong with skull printed quilt covers?

At the moment, I just become excited at the thought of having this particular quilt cover in my room, it would match my bedroom perfectly as the walls are decorated with photographs, paintings and illustrations featuring the human skull. So many of you are properly wondering where I have found this particular image, well as you may know by now, Facebook has the capability to combine very interesting and very useless information all in the same place. Well Sugar Skulls is a very interesting Facebook page that sells products and merchandise online, the items for sale are skull related which does make internet shopping rather entertaining.

Sugar Skulls also sells a range of t-shirts, jackets, jumpers, handbags and other fashion accessories, there’s even baby clothes available for sale! If you like skulls or sugar skulls, you’ll definitely enjoy browsing through this site, in fact my Facebook wall is constantly updated with photographs and illustrations that I find rather inspiring.

I have wondered why there is such a large demand for a skull printed quilt cover? Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with this particular design, especially the colour! I began to read the comments and there were several Facebook users who were hoping to order the quilt cover online, the skull has become a popular symbol and it’s used absolutely everything, I have even seen telephones in the shape of a skull!

Well anyway, if you love the quilt cover as much as I do, I would recommend visiting the Sugar Skulls Facebook Page for further information.