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New Ceramic Skull becomes Centre of Attention


Photographs by Charlotte Pridding 

During Christmas Sean and myself received some interesting gifts, over the past few weeks I have been particularly fascinated with this new ceramic skull that has been sitting on top of the desk in the study room for the past few weeks.

The skull features a range of patterns and designs that also provides quite an interesting effect and the colours compliment with the actual base of the skull. In fact the patterns are quite unique and the dark eye sockets do appear sinister, in fact the skull appears to be grinning.


So a couple of weeks ago, I was taking photographs of Sean’s work for a portfolio, I also decided to take some shots of the ceramic skull. The bright green grass compliments the patterns and designs on the very front of the skull. The overgrown grass also distorts the actual shape of the skull, I thought this particular effect was particularly interesting.


I’m hoping these photos will provide some new ideas in the next upcoming weeks. Thats all for now, stay tuned for future updates.

– Black Calavera

Blue & Orange Sugar Skull Part III


13/1/12 – Blue and orange Sugar Skulls with Red and Green Skull

Photography & Sugar Skulls by Charlotte Pridding

I am still uploading photographs of the blue and orange sugar skull I had decorated a couple of weeks ago. In fact I have taken so many photographs, I am now onto the third post!


This time, I have decided to photograph the orange sugar skull with the red and green skull; the colours do compliment one another.


The red and green sugar skull has influenced the decorations I had used for the orange skull. The floral patterns around the eye sockets in my favourite design so far; in fact I am tempted to create a series of sugar skulls with a similar design.


The black backdrop highlights the different patterns and designs. I am interested in complimentary colours at the moment; I’ve tried red, green, blue and orange, now I need to try yellow and purple! Decorating the sugar skulls is very relaxing as a matter of fact and , so stay tuned for further updates!


Blue & Orange Sugar Skull Part II


Sugar Skull and Photography by Charlotte Pridding

12/1/13 – Sugar Skull with Dark Backdrop

In my previous post, I discussed the blue and orange sugar skull that I produced a couple of weeks ago. Lucky for me, the icing sugar was completely smooth and I was able to create an interesting design without the mixture running all over the place.


I photographed the skull against a wooded table; the composition did produce some interesting textures, although I have decided to use a back drop for my next round of photographs.


The black backdrop definitely contrasts with the colourful patterns and designs. I was so focused, I had actually taken 174 photographs in total; I suppose it’s better to take lots of photographs in case there are some that are too over exposed or under exposed.

I do prefer the black backdrop; the background does work well with the colours I have used for the sugar skulls. Enjoy!