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Kirsztianna’s Amazing Wall Sculptures


Winter Muertita by Krisztianna 

5/12/12 – Krisztianna’s Project

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine had forwarded some images of Krisztianna’s amazing wall sculptures via Facebook. Krisztianna is an artist who  has designed a series of sculptures that do appear similar to the Mexican Sugar Skulls. There is limited information in regards to the artist’s work, although the creations / designs that are currently displayed on Krisztianna’s website do contain similarities to the Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration.


Spring Muertita 

According to the artist’s own website, there are at least four sculptures within the collection that represent the four different seasons of the year. This is quite an interesting concept and each sculpture does feature a different design; the level of detail is incredible and the bold colours are definitely eye catching. The reference to the skull face painting and the floral headdress may reflect Mexico’s cultural heritage with the dead; I remember attending a sugar skull workshop a few weeks ago and the young lady had said that flowers, especially marigolds are a significant part of Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

hd_65c0416f1a6ea923b9aa2bab9f0f78b9Summer Muertita 

What I do find really interesting is the way the sculptures / installations have been displayed, the remind me of those deer plaques that are usually mounted to the wall. Krisztianna’s work applies the Mexican Day of the Dead with some creative and innovative concepts; the overall installation / display is aesthetically pleasing and the decorative illustrations do provide a high level of inspiration!


Autumn Muertita 

Krisztianna’s work has also been posted to my friend’s blog, Possibly Useless, I would definitely recommend visiting the site if you are interested in art, design and illustration. http://possiblyuseless.tumblr.com/post/36196644776/fer1972-wall-sculptures-by-krisztianna-so