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Interview with Rubèn Pàmies, Kpavio


Tzantza Cerebrum, Rubèn Pàmies: Kpavio

About a couple of months ago, I discovered a unique collection of work by an artist / sculptor named Rubèn Pàmies aka Kpavio who has created a range of remarkable, three-dimensional skulls that explore the notion of ‘life and time’ through individual watch pieces as well as other distinctive materials. I have conducted an interview with Kpavio in order to discover the processes, methods and techniques that are used to create these fascinating, yet mesmerising skulls!

Black Calavera: Where did the name Kpavio originate from?
Kpavio: It means ‘skull’ in Greek and I use it as my artistic pseudonym.

Black Calavera: How long have you been working on Kpavio?
Kpavio: I have been working on Kpavio for the last four years.

Black Calavera: Is there anything in particular that has inspired you to explore the relationship between
life and the passage of time?
Kpavio: Well, I have always been interested in the passage of time, maybe that is the reason why I dedicated more than 25 years to the world of watchmaking and now I am exploring that relationship through my sculptures.

Black Calavera: I have noticed that the skull is frequently used within your sculptural projects, is there anything that has inspired you to use the skull as a visual art form?
Kpavio: To date, all of my sculptures have a skull as the base because I have always been attracted to the world of skulls and I think they are a good way to explore the connection between life and the passage of time.

Black Calavera: How do you use the skull in your work?
Kpavio: I acquire them and then I personalise them, sometimes with paint, sometimes with a denture, until now I always use some pieces of watchmaking.

Black Calavera: Where do you acquire the skulls from? are they real?
Kpavio: The skulls are replicas, some of them are old and in most cases, made of plaster cast. I buy them and then I use them as the base of my creations, some of them are old replicas while others are modern.

Black Calavera: How long does it take for you to create one of these sculptures?
Kpavio: It depends on the piece, when I acquire the skull there is a process of study in which I explore the possibilities of the piece and decide its theme. After that, I start the process of creation that depends on the complexity of the final result I want to achieve.

Black Calavera: Is there a project that you have enjoyed the most?
Kpavio: No, all of them have been very enriching.


Pirate Time, Rubèn Pàmies: Kpavio

Black Calavera: Has your practice or style changed over time?
Kpavio: Well, I am always exploring new themes and materials to work with.

Black Calavera: How has your interest in fine watchmaking influenced your work?
Kpavio: It plays a great role in my work, as I always use watchmaking pieces in my sculptures.

Black Calavera: Is there a specific type of watch that you prefer to use within your work?
Kpavio: No, I use all kind of pieces although the movements are very useful for me.

Black Calavera: Is there any significance behind the pieces that you use from the watch?
Kpavio: It depends, sometimes I want to use a particular piece, like a movement within a specific part of the skull because I want to express a concrete idea. In other occasions I use a little piece because it fits perfectly within the part of the skull that I am working with.

Black CalaveraBesides watches, are there any other materials that you enjoy working with?
Kpavio: I am always open to exploring different materials in my artworks.

Black Calavera: Are there any artists / sculptors that have inspired your work?
Kpavio: I like many artists and distinct currents, I have been interested in the work of Banksy, whom I admire his creative and provocative ability, especially the fact that he wishes to remain anonymous.

Black Calavera: Do you have any future plans for upcoming projects / exhibitions?
Kpavio: I have a lot of future projects, but time will tell if they could become a reality.

Black Calavera: Do you have any advise for practicing or emerging artists?
Kpavio: I would tell them that if art is their passion, to fully engage in it no matter the difficulties they might encounter

Check out Kpavio’s website or Facebook if you would like to learn more about the works!