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Armageddon Expo at the Melbourne Show Grounds!


Photographs by Charlotte Pridding, works produced by anonymous artist / designer at Armageddon Comic Con

Last weekend, I attended the Armageddon Comic Con in Melbourne for the very first time! There were many enthusiastic visitors dressed as super heroes, anime characters and even zombies, I must admit the costumes were incredible!

I remember walking past someone dressed as Batman, the experience was quite surreal as the costume appeared extremely similar to the one that was used in the movie. You can obviously tell that there were quite a lot of people at the comic con that have devoted a lot of time and money into they’re costumes, although this is adds to the overall experience.

Gruesome Masks at Armageddon Comic Con, 2013

So there was a massive building in the middle of the Melbourne show grounds that was full of comic books, dvd’s, costumes, outfits and other novelty items. There were so many different booths and I wasn’t too sure where to start, there were various comic book artists that were also exhibiting some of their work, which was really interesting.

While I was wondering around all the different booths, I have noticed that the skull was printed onto almost everything! There were synthetic skeletons, skull printed t-shirts, bracelets, wallets, bags and broaches, there were skulls left, right and centre!

There was one booth in particular that immediately captured my attention, in fact I started to take loads of photographs, I just couldn’t help myself. This booth displayed a range of grotesque masks and three-dimensional skulls that would be perfect if you were producing a horror film.


Skulls and Castrated Head

These skulls were rather sinister and there was synthetic blood dripping down the sides, that also provided quite a macabre appearance. At the very front of the booth, there was one skull in particular that was displayed right next to a disembodied head that is synthetic by the way! The display was rather interesting, although it was disturbing at the same time, it’s not every day you see a reproduction of a castrated head or a zombie clown mask!

The castrated head was quite realistic especially the blood and the gash wounds, the level of realism was rather unsettling. Both the severed head and the skull do remind me of the Momento Mori, they both resonate notions of death and destruction, although I am more disturbed of the photograph I have taken to be honest!


Creepy Zombie Clown Mask

I didn’t quite catch the artist’s name, although the level of detail and craftsmanship was just incredible! there were two life sized zombies right opposite the booth that appeared quite gruesome and realistic. The Armageddon Comic Con really does demonstrate that the skull is a very influential icon in contemporary design and popular culture, almost every single booth sold skull merchandise.

There were visitors that even painted their faces in order to replicate the Mexican sugar skulls and there were a range of artists / designers that have frequently used the skull in their own body of work. The gruesome masks and the synthetic skulls were definitely my favourite, their sinister and grotesque nature were substantially different compared to everything else that was for sale.

If you are looking for some extra information, there are a few links attached below. If you are interested in the next Armageddon Comic Con, there will be another one in 2014!



Skull Frenzy in Melbourne CBD!


Skull Merchandise in Typo

Ok so I know I haven’t posted in a while with moving house and working full-time, life has been pretty hectic at the moment! so where do I begin? well at the very start of the year, I posted a blog post each day and now I am convinced that I should start posting more regularly. I know I haven’t posted for a least a few months, so I began to wonder…..where do i even start?!

So I started to browse through the images I have taken on my mobile phone, I normally take photos with my SLR camera although there are several times where I have found something interesting and I didn’t have all my equipment with me at the time. In Melbourne there is always something new or interesting to find, I remember taking a short cut to the station, at first I was just walking down a dull, dark and grungy alleyway until a recognised an entire wall of graffiti that featured vibrant and intricate designs.

So here I am standing in awe in a deserted alleyway admiring some of the extraordinary and incredible designs that were right in front of me, this is what I enjoy about the city, there’s always something new to discover.


Ceramic Skulls in Window Display

So I use my phone to take snap shots and then I revisit the same place with the proper equipment including my SLR camera, gee what would we do without mobile phones? Ok so I know my trip to the station is slightly off topic, although I have come to realise that my phone has been used to document graffiti, window displays, billboards, posters and even those random events or festivals that I occasionally walk into on a saturday afternoon.

So as many of you know by now I am particularly fascinated with the skull in popular culture, contemporary art and design, as a matter of fact the skull is everywhere, you could be eating a taco and you’ll see a skeletal figurine next to the hot chilli sauce! So what is the first photograph I find stored in my mobile phone?

I discovered a photo of two ceramic skulls outside a two dollar shop within the middle of a small shopping centre, the entire window display was rather strange there were ceramic skulls placed with crystal ornaments, I wasn’t too sure what was going on.


The reason why I had taken this photograph is because I was particularly fascinated in the way the skull is commercialised, the skull has become a product, a commoditized item that can be purchased for only a few dollars. It’s quite strange to think that our skull that holds all of our most precious and vital organs has become a mass-produced item. I have often wondered whether all of these skull t-shirts, banners, posters, figurines etc actually remind us of our own humanity or existence?

So do I think of my own mortality when I view an image of the human skull? for me this is a hard question, at times I do start to contemplate upon life and death, then there are times where I feel nothing at all. Personally the context would have a strong impact, a two dollar ceramic skull in a shopping mall would surely generate a completely different interpretation to a skull that is displayed in a film or an exhibition space?

Ok so these cheap ceramic skulls were rather eclectic but I was interested in the random and unusual display, so I decided to take a photograph for future reference.


Clear It Warehouse / Factory: Dangerfield & Pulp Kitchen Collection РMelbourne, Fitzory 

As I browse through my photographs, I have realised that I do take quite a lot of photos of Typo. Typo is a retro stationery store that often sells a range of popular skull merchandise, in fact every time I walk into Typo I instantly find an entire display of skull notebooks, pencil cases, pens, cups and metallic storage containers. It appears that Typo have used the skull because it’s a popular image, in fact I’m convinced the skull will never loose popularity as this anatomical part of our body is something we can all relate to.

I also remember taking photographs of a retail warehouse in Fitzroy, I remember finding skull printed scarfs, jeans, bandannas, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, even swim suits, in fact the entire warehouse was full of skull printed outfits! Ok so Fitzroy is a fantastic place to find random and spontaneous items, it’s the type of place where you’ll find sofa’s, old bicycles and stacks of milk crates placed on every street corner.

Fitzroy have all sorts of quirky stores and gallery spaces, almost every second window featured a skull, my phone definitely ran out of battery life towards the end of the day!


Skull Painting in Window Display, Artist Unknown РMelbourne, Fitzroy 

So there we are the skull is everywhere, I suppose I’m continually trying to find new and interesting representations of the skull. It’s actually interesting to think how the symbol of death and mortality has become one of the most popular commercial products within the contemporary visual culture! I can’t walk to the end of the street without recognising at least one person wearing a skull printed scarf, jumper or t-shirt, we just continually purchase these products and never really stop to consider the actual meaning or significance behind the image or the item we’ve just bought!

It’s ironic really, death is still considered as a taboo subject within Western culture, although the majority of products are literally plastered with images of skulls, even baby clothes have skulls on the front! None the less, it’s just a bit of fun just to wear a skull printed t-shirt or a scarf to the supermarket, well everyone else wears the same thing now!

So if you are bored and want to find something interesting to do, take your camera and travel to Melbourne, you’ll be surprised with how many random objects you’ll find ūüôā I know I haven’t posted regularly in a while, now that I have some extra time on my hands I be able to keep on top of things, stay tuned!

Neuw Denim use skull to Advertise their Latest Collection.


While I was wondering the street’s of Melbourne, I discovered a poster in one of the side alley ways in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. There’s always something interesting to find in Flinders Lane,the last time I walked down one of the alley ways I was lucky enough to find an entire wall of graffiti. It wasn’t just any old graffiti, some of the patterns and designs were just incredible!

That is the best thing about Melbourne, there is always something new to discover; In fact, every time I walk down Flinders Lane I always find something different, nothing really stays the same. Over the weekend, I recognised a poster for Neuw Denim that featured a human skull within the very centre of the advertisement. I noticed the poster out of the corner of my eye and I immediately walked into the side alley just so I could take a closer look at Neuw Denim’s latest campaign.

So many of you are properly wondering, what is Neuw Denim and why have they used a skull for their advertisements? While I was browsing a clothes store in Geelong, I removed a pair of jeans from the top self and I was immediately impressed with the quality, as I removed the label from the back pocket, I began to ask myself…..what is Neuw Denim?


Of course, Google has most of the answers straight at our fingertips, so I decided to type the name into the search engine. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to search to far, Neuw Denim’s official website appeared at the very top of the screen, so what is Neuw Denim, why am I even writing about Denim in the first place? According to the official website, Neuw is a brand / company that was originally based in Melbourne, Victoria, the brand name refers to a town / street name within the Netherlands, known as ‘Nieuwlandstraat’.

Neuw reconstruct and tailor ‘traditional denim’ in order to create a unique, innovative style. All the branding and product design is minimal, yet contemporary, even the price tag is well designed! The advertisement in the side ally way features a modern, yet sophisticated design that is currently advertising Neuw Denim’s latest collection, “Goldmine”.

According to the D’Marge Magazine, Neuw Denim’s most recent collection is inspired by the denim or the canvas worn by Goldminers who continuously work underground within stressful and intense working environments. Neuw have examined how the environment impacts the denim, Luc Wiesman suggests “In addition they researched how their environment made their jeans dark and rich with multiple layers of colour and authentic wear patterns”. (Luc Wiesman, D’Marge Magazine, 2013) Wiesman’s article is particularly interesting to read, even if there is only a few short paragraphs, the online magazine does provide some very interesting information in regards to Neuw Denim’s recent collection.

The advertisement within Flinders Lane a skull with golden tones that immediately defines the eye sockets and the jaw line. The advertisement does add a spark of creativity, in fact it is the golden skull on the side of the wall that has motivated me to undertake further research into Neuw Denim. I’m assuming the skull is used as a symbol of youth and rebellion, this advertisement would definitely appeal to a young demographic.

It’s also interesting to note that the skull has become a popular symbol in contemporary fashion, but why wouldn’t you use the skull? As you can all see, Neuw Denim’s most recent advertising campaign has definitely gained some street cred within Melbourne’s Urban culture. I have wondered whether the posters are intentionally placed within Melbourne’s most prominent lane ways, I wonder whether this has turned into a marketing strategy that specifically targets a niche audience who are interested in Urban street wear. Who knows really, I would recommend going for a walk around Melbourne, you’ll be surprised how many skulls you will find along the way.

If you are interested in high quality denim, I would definitely recommend visiting Neuw’s official website.

Neuw Denim, http://neuwdenim.com/

Luc Wiesman, “Neuw Denim Goldmine Collection”¬†D’Marge Magazine, 2013,

Skull & Crossbones Doona Cover found on Sugar Skulls Facebook Page


While I was casually browsing my Facebook page, I discovered a very interesting photograph that I just had to share with the rest of the world! The image features doona and sheet sets with the skull and cross bone printed onto the very front; as soon as I found the image I had to refrain myself from buying the entire set. What isn’t there to like about the quilt cover and the pillow cases? The skull and crossbones do create a very interesting pattern and design on the front, I mean how can you go wrong with skull printed quilt covers?

At the moment, I just become excited at the thought of having this particular quilt cover in my room, it would match my bedroom perfectly as the walls are decorated with photographs, paintings and illustrations featuring the human skull. So many of you are properly wondering where I have found this particular image, well as you may know by now, Facebook has the capability to combine very interesting and very useless information all in the same place. Well Sugar Skulls is a very interesting Facebook page that sells products and merchandise online, the items for sale are skull related which does make internet shopping rather entertaining.

Sugar Skulls also sells a range of t-shirts, jackets, jumpers, handbags and other fashion accessories, there’s even baby clothes available for sale! If you like skulls or sugar skulls, you’ll definitely enjoy browsing through this site, in fact my Facebook wall is constantly updated with photographs and illustrations that I find rather inspiring.

I have wondered why there is such a large demand for a skull printed quilt cover? Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with this particular design, especially the colour! I began to read the comments and there were several Facebook users who were hoping to order the quilt cover online, the skull has become a popular symbol and it’s used absolutely everything, I have even seen telephones in the shape of a skull!

Well anyway, if you love the quilt cover as much as I do, I would recommend visiting the Sugar Skulls Facebook Page for further information.


New Skull Printed T-Shirt from Jay Jays

Jay Jays Recent T-Shirt Collection

Over the weekend, I discovered a range of skull printed t-shirts in Jay Jays, a popular clothes store that sells a range of jackets, shirts, dresses, skirts and other fashion accessories. As soon as I entered the store, I walked straight towards the men’s section and purchased a black and white t-shirt with decorative illustrations printed onto the base of the skull.

There’s something about skull t-shirts that I just can’t resist, some of the designs are very creative! The very first item I remove from my wardrobe is one of my skull printed t-shirts, they just compliment everything else I wear throughout the day; plus I am interested in almost anything that is skull related as you can tell by now.


So I have noticed that Jay Jays continually rotate their stock every couple of months and that means one thing….new skull printed t-shirts to buy! In the men’s section, most of the t-shirts are well designed and they are reasonably priced, unfortunately there aren’t as many skull t-shirts within the women’s section. The designs or the illustrations are not as interesting or creative; I just purchase extra, extra small t-shirts from the men’s department, it’s easier than hunting through all the women’s t-shirts hoping to find some interesting and practical to wear.

It’s almost impossible to buy a skull printed t-shirt in my size, why aren’t they supplied in the women’s department? This has been a constant dilemma, I usually have to shrink most of my t-shirts in the wash, not that I really mind too much, as long as the t-shirt features an interesting pattern on the front, I am quite content.

Does the skull attract more of a male audience than a female audience? I have asked this question many times before, I am convinced that the skill attracts both a male and female demographic. I have spoken to women who have said there were unable to find a decent skull printed t-shirt available in their size, in a way the skull often features masculine qualities especially in Western popular culture.


It’s not everyday you see the women’s department saturated with skull printed t-shirts with colourful and artistic designs, you have to hunt through the speciality stores in the side alley ways in order to find what you’ve been desperately been searching for, a skull t-shirt that is not a tank top or a see through shirt, just a normal t-shirt with an awesome, creative design on the front!

Anyway, Jay Jays is fantastic for men’s t-shirts, especially if you are looking for a skull printed t-shirt at an affordable price. Check out their website for more information.


Dead Era


Howdy from Texas by Edgar Regalado 

Unique Product Branding by Dead Era

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been following Blood Sweet Vector, a site filled with inspiring illustrations from some of the top designers!

I stumbled across a brand known as Dead Era, a company that sells fashion accessories for both men and women. I have never heard of Dead Era until I noticed an illustration on Blood Sweet Vector that features a skeleton driving a motor vehicle.

With the eyes popping out of the eye sockets and the¬†tongue¬†draped¬†to the side, the skeleton’s animated facial expressions do provide a¬†comical, even¬†satirical¬†quality to the illustration. The image was designed by Edgar Regalado, an illustrator who works for Dead Era.


Illustration from Dead Era

I just couldn’t help myself, I just had to visit the website! I was really inspired by the illustration and I was just dying to find out the concept behind the brand. As I scrolled through the website, I noticed that there were other illustrations with skulls and skeletons.

What I do find rather amusing is the logo or the banner at the top of the website; the face  appears similar to a zombie and the cap may suggest that the company specialises in urban street culture / skater culture.

The history of the company features a very creative and¬†innovative¬†style, the layout appears similar to a story board and the illustrations¬†definitely¬†captures the viewer’s attention.


Dead Era Logo

This is by far the most impressive website I have ever seen, the¬†absence¬†of colour is very effective and the pages are easy to navigate, it’s always a good start when you are able to find the information you need!

Dead Era tells the story of a teenager who¬†dispares¬†over the rise in technology that has turned society into lifeless zombies with no ideas to spare. According to the website, Dead Era has established an innovative, creative apparel in order to “reanimate the deadest souls”.

The way Dead Era describes their company is creative, this is by far the most creative website I have seen so far! In a way, Dead Era have used the idea of death for a unique fashion label, the layout and the display is very professional yet imaginative!

For more information please click on Dead Era’s¬†official¬†website for more information.



T-shirt Designs by Travis Price


Labotomy РT-shirt by Travis Price 

Travis Price Designs T-shirt’s for Mambo’s Men’s and Children’s Collection.

Over the past few days, I’ve been browsing through a website titled Blood Sweet Vector that features a range of graphic design and vector illustrations. I discovered the works of Travis Price, a “commercial illustrator” who has designed several t-shirts for Mambo. I have seen Travis Price present his work at Field Trip, an arts and design conference held at the Australian Centre of Moving Image in Melbourne, Federation Square.

It was interesting to see Travis Price assemble his design through the big screen, it was similar to a tutorial. Price’s personality and sense of humour did make the presentation very interesting to watch!

Price’s printed t-shirts features some contemporary, retro designs along with bright, vibrant colours. I have noticed a few skull printed t-shirts that are displayed on Blood Sweet Vector and there is one t-shirt in particular that has instantly captured my attention. Price’s black and yellow t-shirt features a skull that is used as a cocktail glass along with an umbrella, a straw and a slice of lemon. The eye sockets reveal two bright yellow diamonds that contrast with the base of the skull including the nose and the jawline.


T-Shirt Design by Travis Price 

If I found this t-shirt, I would not hesitate to buy it! I wouldn’t even mind if the t-shirt was only available in men’s sizes, the design is unique and creative!¬†The t-shirt was designed for Mambo, an Australian clothing company that sells a range of printed t-shirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, footwear and other fashion accessories. Price has designed several t-shirts for Mambo’s men’s and children’s collection, although these designs would be perfect for the women’s collection aswell.

You won’t believe how much I have struggled to find a decent skull printed t-shirt in my size, all I find is men’s t-shirts that I have to shrink in the wash, In fact I don’t really mind doing this along as the designs are retro! I decided to look through Mambo’s online store, in the Men’s section I have discovered at least one or two skull printed t-shirts on every page! In the women’s section on the other hand, I noticed only a couple of skull printed skulls throughout the entire collection!

Honestly, I can’t spend one day in the city without seeing someone wearing a skull printed t-shirt, indeed they are popular, although they are targeted towards a male demographic. It would be great to see some skull printed t-shirts in women’s sizes!

Travis Price’s t-shirts feature contemporary and innovative designs in a range of different colours and sizes. In fact Prices’s collection is rather amazing! For more information click on the links below.



Exoskeleton by Janina Alleyne


11/2/13 РRecent Design by Footwear Designer, Janina Alleyne 

While I was reading through the MX Newspaper and I discovered an image within the middle of the page that featured a pair of high heel shoes designed by Janina Alleyne. The heels are titled “Exoskeleton”, Alleyne’s most recent collection that explores the skeletal structure of insects. These high heels do feature a very elegant design and the different patterns also creates an very interesting effect. While I do admire these high heels, I wondered how anyone would be able to walk in them? The heel is pointy, I would say you would need a very high level of coordination to walk in these. Then I realised that the shoe is a 3D print; the image itself isn’t an actual shoe that you can physically buy.

The different shapes and angles definitely captured my attention, when I first viewed the image it did take a few minutes for me to understand that the image is in fact a high heeled shoe. The shoe has been abstracted through the different shapes and patterns; this is what I like about the design, I do like the fact that you have to look closer into the image in order to view all of the detail.

On the other hand, the colour and the texture is just incredible! It’s as if the shoes have been crafted from skeletons or bones; I must admit these shoes would look amazing with a black dress. The high heeled shoes have also questioned how death is portrayed within contemporary fashion, the skull in particular proves to be a very popular image for shoes, dresses, t-shirts and other fashion accessories. Theres something about these shoes that really stand out, the shape and the design is simply unique, in fact I haven’t seen a shoe quite like this one!



Sugar Skulls Online Store / Facebook Page


All Images displayed on the Sugar Skulls Facebook Page

6/2/13 РRecent Online Discovery leads to more skull Printed T-Shirts, Dresses and other Visual Merchandise. 

¬†A few weeks ago, I discovered a new Facebook page that sells a range of skull printed t-shirts, dresses, skirts and other fashion accessories. Sugar Skulls is an online store that often features images and photographs of their recent collections; the updates do make my Facebook rather interesting. The site also features a range of skull printed dresses and skirts; the colourful patterns and designs are visually interesting and they also remind me of tattoo art. The dresses feature a vintage style, something you would normally see from the 1950’s; I am just in love with all the different designs, they are just so stylish!


Sugar Skulls also sells skull printed t-shirts in men’s sizes, the level of detail is just incredible! Almost every single photograph features a skull; it’s interesting to see how the skull is used in fashion, advertising and product design. In a way the skull has become a fashion accessory; I don’t normally think about death when i’m wearing all my skull printed t-shirts; it’s become another commodity, another necessity just like the new ipad or the latest xbox game.

There isn’t a great deal of information about the company on the website; I’m assuming the skull has been used as product branding, who can blame them really, the skull does make a fantastic logo! I have also noticed the site also features a range of products and fashion accessories that are inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead and the sugar skulls that also feature some fantastic patterns and illustrations. If you are interested in skulls, tattoo art and vintage style clothing, I would recommend viewing the Sugar Skulls Facebook Page.

For more information please click on the link below.



Skulls in Shopping Mall


5/2/13 – Dotti Uses Skulls for Window Display

Last week I spent the afternoon aimlessly walking around the largest shopping centre I have ever seen! Northland shopping Centre is located on the other side of Melbourne right in the middle of nowhere; I had to catch a bus just so I could get to this place. The shopping centre was so large, I couldn’t find the exit, it was like a maze, as I continued to walk around in circles wondering whether I would eventually find the exit sign.

On my journey, I discovered many retail stores that have used the skull for their advertisements or window display. I was surprised when I discovered Dotti’s latest advertisement; the front window display features a large photograph of a young woman wearing a black and white jumper with a skull in the very centre. Dotti usually sells a range of stylish dresses, shoes and skirts; it’s the type of clothing you would wear for a fun night out.

So I was actually surprised when I recognised the skull displayed in the very front window that has invited me to question whether the skull have become a popular icon in fashion? I continually keep asking myself the same question, although there is a growing interest for the skull in high fashion and popular culture. There’s Ed Hardy, Alexander McQueen and Rick Genest; the trend just keeps going, I can’t even walk into a clothes store without finding a large pile of skull printed t-shirts.

As I continued to walk around the shopping mall, I also recognised another clothes store with skulls printed onto the front window. In fact I couldn’t even see through the window because it was covered in skulls. Just proves that the skull is still a popular, fashionable icon, especially in retail.