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Skulls, Skeletons and Tequila, Espolón has it all!


Espolón Advertising by Steven Noble 

Espolón Tequila is one unique, innovative brand that features a smooth, delicate flavour along with a creative label that will leave a very memorable impression! As soon as I recognised the bottle of Espolón, I instantly developed to the urge to purchase a bottle for myself and the product design immediately attracted my attention. While I was tempted to try the tequila, I wanted to keep the bottle for the inspiring label / packaging.

So what makes this bottle of tequila so interesting? Well, the tequila isn’t too overpowering, Espolón does create some fantastic Paloma’s on a warm summers day, the packaging is inspiring and the overall brand features a very compelling story! The label features a range of lively, animated skeletons and the overall style does feature similarities to the Mexican Day of the Dead Festival that invites deceased family members and spirits to partake in the celebration, as referenced by Regina.M Marchi.1 I’ve mentioned these particular elements in my previous posts but I’ll briefly mention some of the most important points. If you are interested in viewing the previous posts just click on the links to Part I and Part II

Espolón Advertising – Steven Noble

Espolón’s product design features similarities to the works of José Guadalupe Posada and there is an illustration known as the “The Calavera of Don Quixote 1910” that appears almost identical to the label; Espolon’s design presents a very distinctive appropriation that reflect’s Mexico’s cultural and historical background.2 I’m assuming that Posada’s prints would be available under ‘free use,’ this would be a very interesting area to explore or research in the next week. According to Regina.M.Marchi, Posada is an influential artist / printmaker from Mexico who produced a range of delightful prints or illustrations featuring a range of enthusiastic, animated skeletons during the 19th century.

In the illustrations, the playful skeletons partake in a range of activities or events wearing a range of outfits or accessories and Posada’s distinctive style provides a humorous perspective of death, as referenced by Marchi.3 Espolón have used these lively skeletons to advertise their tequila, although I can’t see anything wrong with this, the story does feature some cultural associations or symbology that provides context to the overall brand. Espolón delivers a level of authenticity through the packaging or product design that is inspired by one unique symbol.

espolon-revolutionEspolón Product Design / Labelling 

According to the Espolón official website, “Master Distiller, Cirilo Oropeza” created a brand of Tequila that was named after the spur found on the back of a Rooster’s heal and “Espolón pays tribute to the legendary bird so important within Mexican culture.”4 This is a very fascinating concept that has invited me to research the significance behind the rooster and Elías Domínguez Barajas in the ‘Function of Proverbs in Discourse’ explains that the rooster features a connection to “bravery, pride and confidence” within Mexican Culture.5

This is a very interesting discovery that definitely adds a level of interest towards Espolón and the brand’s overall history. While I’m interested in researching the cultural and historical associations related to the brand, I do enjoy a glass of Blanco with a slice of lime. This particular type of Tequila works exceptionally well as a cocktail or a mixed drink and I would definitely recommend Espolón if you intend to create a Paloma or an Espresso Martini.

José Guadalupe Posada – Print / Illustration: 
The Calavera of Don Quixote, 1910

The tequila also works as a delicious alcoholic beverage just by itself with some ice and a slice of lime. While there are other brands of tequila that feature an outstanding flavour, Espolón is exceptional for the price and it’s very affordable, especially for the overall quality! So if you’re planning a dinner party and you need Tequila for a dozen Paloma’s, this is definitely the one to go for!

According to Espolon’s website, the tequila features “100% pure agave” that is created / distilled in “Los Altos, Mexico.” From a personal opinion, I do enjoy the Blanco compared the Respado that is aged for several months in an “oak barrel,” as referenced by Espolón.6 This is just my personal preference and I prefer something with a smooth flavour or texture. If you’re new to tequila, I would recommend the Blanco to start off with, if you’re searching for something with a strong, full-bodied flavour then the Respado is an excellent choice.

Espolón Tequila 1
Espolón features some very compelling, yet distinctive advertisements that are very admirable and the designs are created by Steven Noble. Last but not least, I thought I would briefly mention my recent discovery in regards to my statistics on my WordPress profile.

This year so far, I’ve received 482 views for my previous post in regards to Espolón tequila that ranked number six on my top posts for 2015. This is a very interesting conclusion that demonstrates Espolón’s increase in popularity. Perhaps there is a demand for skulls and tequila, it’ll be interesting to observe the statistics overtime in order to view any significant changes.

So if you enjoy relaxing on the deck chair with a refreshing glass of tequila, I would recommend Espolón! Not only will you receive a high quality product, you’ll obtain an awesome bottle with some incredible designs including skulls, skeletons and a rooster, what more could you possibly ask for? If you love skulls and tequila, this is the brand for you.

Espolón also features a Facebook Page and a Twitter Page that is worth viewing if you wish to acquire further information! These amazing advertisements are created by Steven Noble, click on the link to view the artist’s Behance Portfolio.


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Espolon Skeleton featured at Touche Hombre Restaurant


Image from Espolon Tequila

12/12/12 – Skulls becoming a Popular Trend?

So I was in the city last Wednesday and I had decided to eat at Touche Hombre, a Mexican Restaurant located in Melbourne, Lonsdale Street. The food is amazing and the interior decoration does feature skulls in almost every corner. I was sitting in the outdoor area and I managed to find this glass tube full of wax with a skeletal figure printed onto the front.

The skeletal figure is commonly featured on the Espolon Tequila bottles, the advertising and the product design also features similarities to Jose Posada’s animated prints. Espolon is great tequila by the way especially for the price, even the packaging is amazing! Well the glass tube I had found featured a very lively skeletal figure on top of a rooster, this image has been used for Espolon’s advertising and product design. I’m not too sure whether the image has been printed onto the glass tube or weather the glass has been moulded into a different shape, I personally believe this particular image would make an excellent tattoo design!

What I do love about Touche Hombre’s is the interior design, the place is decorated with neon lights, skulls, street art and amazing tattoo designs from influential artist’s such as Angelique Houtkamp. I am always inspiring by the different decorations and the designs within the restaurant.

There are skulls everywhere, in shops, restaurants and cafes I am seeing skulls printed onto all sorts of products and it’s popular than ever before. During the Christmas period, I am seeing skulls in almost every retail store across the city. At the beginning of the year this was a rear occurrence so it is interesting to see how quickly this trend has grown over the past year!

For more information about Espolon and Tough Hombre please click on the links below.



The Day of the Dead is only a day Away!

18/10 – 1/11 – What has Black Calavera Been doing for the Past Two Weeks?

Hi Everybody!

So i usually do try and post everyday, although I have been so busy working on the thesis and the exhibition/ I thought I would just discuss what’s been happening over the past two weeks. The Day of the Dead is this week and I wouldn’t want to be behind on anything!

1. What’s Happening with the Thesis?

So….my thesis is called Black Calavera: The Mexican Day of the Dead and the Economy of the Skull in Popular Culture. I have been spending many late nights checking through the references, adding the photographs and making sure everything is correct before submitting everything. As many of you know, I have been documenting the skull in various subcultures such as punk, rock and street art, for the thesis I decided to specialise in the Mexican Day of the Dead.

It’s almost all finished, I just have to print it off tomorrow, my thesis will be finished on the Day of the Dead, what a coincidence! I will set up the thesis as a pdf document for anyone who is interested in reading through what I have written. This will properly happen once I completed everything at uni so stay tuned for updates!

Work in Progress Photographs attached to my Wardrobe Door. 

2. Exhibition

Well the dates are getting closer and closer each day, I’ve been currently using my wardrobe door to determine how I will display my photographs. I would actually recommend this process, you can view your work from a distance and you can then determine what needs to be changed or altered. Plus the photos trigger all sorts of ideas that may influence you to try something different. This may not work out for everyone, but it defiantly works for me.

While I was writing the second chapter of my thesis, I decided to attach the photographs to the left hand side of the wardrobe door. For some reason, I had subconsciously made a cross from my own photographs which is quite interesting considering that I am not religious. I took a step back and I started to observe the placement / arrangement of the self portraits, I was surprised when I realised that I actually created a cross. This arrangement or display will be used for the exhibition that is still under construction at this particular moment, although I will post photographs once everything is completed on the 23rd of November!

3. Colourful Day of the Dead Cross from Amor Y Locura Provides Ideas for Photographic Project. 

While I do love taking photographs, I have been restricted due to time constraints. I have managed to take a few photographs over the past few weeks and I thought I would post them onto the blog. Well, my dad had decided to buy me this cross made from tissue paper from a store in Melbourne also known as Amor Y Locura. For those who do not know about this very colourful and vibrant store, Amor Y Locura sells Day of the Dead merchandise from Mexico, I visit from time to time just to have a look at their new collections.

Skull on Colourful Day of the Dead Cross made from Tissue Paper

The cross is made from colourful tissue paper and I thought I could make my own one for my exhibiton. It’s currently hanging in my bedroom, I do love the colours, it’s very artistic and decorative. So if you’re in Melbourne or you do intend to visit Melbourne, make sure to visit this wonderful store on Gertrude Street. So I decided to take a photograph of my Mexican Day of the Dead keyring with the cross, the colours are definitely interesting, although the light wasn’t the best. I always have the opportunity to redo some of these photographs again at a later stage.

4. Sat 27th – Senoritas 

This is by far the best Mexican Restaurant in Melbourne, I am not kidding you, the food is absolutely amazing, the staff are friendly, the customer service is fantastic and the interior design is artistic and creative, what more could you ask for? You definitely get your money’s worth and you can drink amazing tequila while sitting amongst beautifully decorated hand crafted skulls associated with the Mexican Day of the Dead. If I had the money I would eat there more often, well anyway, I decided to go there for dinner last saturday.

Not only do you get complimentary corn chips with salsa, you also get a complimentary clip of a Mexican Day of the Dead Skull along with the bill. I am a fan of complimentary items and this clip was by far the most interesting item I received from a restaurant. That’s one of the most exciting aspect while eating at Senoritas, you’re guaranteed good quality tequila, food and service with of course, the complimentary clip! I was so impressed with this clip, I’ve been wearing it on my cardigan and my bandanna.

I also collected one of their cards that was advertising event that was celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead. On Sunday, Senoriats is offering an 8 course meal and a special list of tequila and cocktails. To me this sounds like the most amazing event ever, I have also realised that there are other Mexican restaurants around Melbourne who will be celebrating the Day of the Dead. Of course I have work on the same day, but I am really tempted to travel up to Melbourne just to have an eight course meal at Senoritas. If you’re in Melbourne, drop in to Senoritas or check out their website.


Day of the Dead Clip from Senoritas

Considering that I have been talking about this clip I had received with my meal, I thought I would take a photograph. Then I had decided to use the bright blue bath / shower matt as a backdrop. It was a very random decision, although I thought that the colours used for the Mexican Day of the Dead skull complimented the bath matt and the best light in the house is in the bathroom (It’s been the place where i have taken most of my photographs)

5. Wed 31st – Halloween 

I hope you all had a great halloween, I was unfortunately stuck in the library studying for my next essay, although I did see people wearing costumes and outfits around the city. Finally Australia is slowly catching up with the whole Halloween Celebration, the supermarkets were selling Halloween merchandise that is something I haven’t seen before.

Espolon had released an advertisement on Facebook that just makes me want to run out and buy another bottle of tequila! The packaging is inspired by the Day of The Dead and the tequila taste’s very good for the price! Check out Espolon recent advertisement!



4. 1/11 The Day of the Dead is almost here!…What are you planning to do?

Well it’s the first of November in Australia today so technically the Day of the Dead doesn’t start until this friday or saturday. This weekend I am attending a sugar skull workshop at the immigration museum, I am extremely excited and I’ve been counting down the days since last week. I’ll make sure to take some photographs and of course I’ll do a photo shoot with the sugar skull at some stage. I can’t wait! This whole year I’ve been studying the Day of the Dead and it’s almost here! What is everyone else planning to do on the Day of the Dead? I would love to hear what everyone else has planned on Dia De Los Muertos!




14/6/12 – Young and aged tequila 

Last Friday, I received a bottle of Espolon from my boyfriend, although I did not realise that there are two different kinds of tequila. I have the white bottle, although my dad has the yellow bottle.

According to Joseph LaVilla and Doug Wynn, young tequila is usually white or ‘silver’, while aged tequila has been contained within Barrels. Tequila is created  from a plant also known as “Blue Agave”, which is located in Mexico.

From a personal experience the white tequila has a subtle taste compared to the yellow tequila, which has very distinct or strong flavours. Regina M Marchi also explains that Tequila is a popular drink in Mexico, which becomes a part of the Day of the Dead celebration.

I have noticed that there are a couple of Tequila brands that uses skulls or skeletons as packaging such as Espolon or Kahl. Perhaps Espolon or Kahl advertise the image of the skull in order to represent the Mexican culture in other countries around the world.

I decided to take some photos of the Espolon bottles, which I could possibly use for future referece. Taking the photographs also provided the ability to practise different styles or techniques.

Tequila, Espolon. “Real Mexico. True Stroy.” Espolon Tequila, http://www.tequilaespolon.com/en/en-main.php?age=verified.

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Photographs by Charlotte Pridding, 2012

Espolon Tequila (Continued)

3/6/12 – Mysterious Espolon Tequila bottle found within back of the Car

The other day I opened the boot of my car and I found another bottle of Espolon Tequila hidden beneath a couple of blankets. I wondered how a bottle of Tequila managed to find it’s way to the boot of the car and I assumed that someone else had forgotten to remove the bottle.

I am beginning to notice that this particular brand of Tequila is becoming quite popular and there are many restaurants around Melbourne that are selling Espolon. Friends, family members and other internet users have mentioned Espolon, which questions whether the label is beginning to attract a large audience.

Does Espolon Tequila demonstrate that there is an interest for the skull and the Day of the Dead festival within the Western culture? Has the corpse become a desirable product or just another fad?

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Espolon Tequila

17/4/12 – Labelling and Packaging is hard to miss

The packaging for Espolon Tequila has become an area of fascination and the labelling may feature similarities with the Mexican Day of the Dead festival and Posadas’s work. According to the Espolon website the packaging reflects the beliefs and traditions among the aztec community within Mexico. The rooster is juxtaposed next to other skeletal figures running in different directions.

The skeletons also feature humorous and animated expressions, which may attempt to imitate life and the giant, stampeding rooster. The labelling also features a colour palette comprising of dark brown, ligt brown and red, which may combine a sense of authenticity with a contemporary feel. The other image features a range of skeletons performing daily tasks and activities, which may feature a close connection with the Day of the Dead. The characters appear quite similar to the merchandise that is sold at the festival, which features skeletal figures mimicking living subjects.

The labelling appears very similar to Jose Guadalupe Posada’s work and Regina. M. Marchi focuses upon Posada’s designs, which have significantly influenced the perception of death within Mexico as well as the Day of the Dead Festival. Marchi also explains that Posada’s work features skeletal figures, which also replicate the living through their clothes and their animated gestures. One could argue that Posada’s exaggerates the skeleton’s jawline, which provides each figure with life like characteristics.

Posada’s skeletal figures are constantly engaged in various activity’s or chores, which creates a very dynamic composition between the different shapes or forms within the image. Posada’s work also features a high level of movement and motion, which may suggest that these skeletal figures are more than just inanimate objects. According to Marchi, Posada’s work was not recognised until the 1960’s, although the artist’s style has influenced many forms of popular culture, especially merchandise that is designed specifically for the Day of the Dead festival.

Espolon also features a very animated and dynamic compositions between the skeletal figures who are juxtaposed next to fresh produce, flowers or animals. Perhaps the style of clothing and the skeleton’s expressions or gestures also generates very life like features, which may also combine elements of popular culture with traditional Mexican styles or imagery.

Posada’s piece, Calavera of Don Quijote is very similar to the Espolon Label at the top of the page and perhaps the company appropriated the artist’s work. Instead of using the skeletal remains of an animal, Espolon have used a Rooster, which significantly emphasises the border between the living and the deceased.

Espolon Tequila, http://www.tequilaespolon.com/en/en-main.php?age=verified (accessed 17/4/12)

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