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Sugar Skull Wallpaper Designed by Emily Evans


The other day, I discovered another interesting photograph on Facebook that features Day of the Dead, Sugar Skull wallpaper designed by Emily Evans. I was rather intrigued by the pattern and the design, as soon as I signed into Facebook, I instantly clicked onto the photograph and I just could not take my eyes off the golden sugar skulls.

The pattern does feature a unique style and the dark background effectively contrasts with the sugar skulls, especially the detail around the eye sockets, the nose and the jaw line. What I do find particularly fascinating about the sugar skulls are the eye sockets, when I view the photograph for an extended period of time, the different shapes and patterns appear to rotate.


After ten to fifteen minutes, I actually believed that the eye sockets were rotating, in a way the wallpaper does create an illusion. Every time I view the photograph, I always find a different pattern or design that I haven’t noticed before, there’s always something new to discover. The wallpaper is rather elegant, the design isn’t too overpowering and the sugar skulls do feature a very creative and decorative style.

When I discovered this particular photograph, I just imagined myself using the wallpaper within my own bedroom or bathroom, it would just complement my collection of sugar skulls that I have produced over the past six months. In fact I’m so impressed with the design, I would even use the wallpaper in my lounge room!


So who has actually designed the sugar skull wallpaper? Emily Evans is a “medical illustrator” based in London who combines her own medical knowledge with creative and imaginative designs. There is limited information in regards to Emily Evans designs, although I have wondered whether Evans has combined both her artistic and scientific knowledge in order to create the sugar skull wallpaper.

The sugar skulls are a unique choice and I have wondered whether Emily Evans has simply recreated the skull due to it current popularity within the contemporary visual culture. I have also questioned whether the wallpaper has any connection to Mexico’s cultural or historical heritage, where sugar skulls are often decorated especially for the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration that reunites the living with the deceased.

At the moment, I just have so many different questions and I am determined to find the answers, stay tuned for the second half of the post! For more information please visit Emily Evans official website for further information. All photographs are sourced from Emily Evans Website.