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Black & White Portraits inspired by Sugar Skulls Part III


16/1/12 – Darkness

So I have decided to add some more work in progress photos. There was one afternoon, where I did have some free time so I decided to take 387 photographs. The sugar skull makeup does take a few hours to complete and I just keep taking photographs until the sun disappears. I have decided to darken the photographs; this particular effect intensifies my own personal connection to death.


For some reason, I always associate death with darkness; I then begin to wonder how the living body becomes a decomposing corpse. Once the body dies, I believe that the body submerges into complete darkness. My favourite image so far is the one with black and white sugar skull; the skull becomes the main focal paint within the image that contrasts with the makeup as well as the dark backdrop.


The skull does capture my attention immediately as well as the various patterns and designs. My face on the other hand appears to be submerging into darkness; the image does provide a very interesting juxtaposition between the actual sugar skull and the makeup.  I must admit, I was quite difficult to photograph myself with an SLR camera in one hand and a sugar skull in the other. This particular idea did require quite a lot of patience in order to capture a clear image.


When I decorated the sugar skull, I did have a problem with the icing sugar, the mixture was so runny it just decided to just spill all over the place. Instead of
throwing away the sugar skull, I decided to incorporate the mistake into the actual design. The skull does appear to be crying; this particular element does add an interesting effect to the photograph. Here are some more photographs for now, enjoy!