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Sugar Skull Mask

20/1/13 – Work in Progress

A couple of weeks ago, I assisted with some holiday workshops that involved decorating masks with paper, foil, stickers, and other miscellaneous items. I decided to take part in the workshops; I decorated my own mask with copic markers. I have decided to replicate the Mexican sugar skulls, while the mask doesn’t fit perfectly onto my face it is an idea to expand upon later down the track.

The copic markers do create an interesting texture and a very strong contrast with the pale face mask. I didn’t have any other colours besides red or black, so I decided to stick with these two particular colours. I didn’t quite finish the design in the workshop so I decided to finish it off at home with some copic markers I had borrowed from my boyfriend.

I have at least two other masks to decorate, perhaps I could replicate some tattoo designs with the Mexican sugar skulls. In my mind, this would make a rather interesting design, but I’ll have to test these ideas on the other mask I have lying around at home. I do like using the masks, perhaps I could make them from scratch. These are just a few ideas that I could work on in the next few weeks.