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New Ceramic Skull becomes Centre of Attention


Photographs by Charlotte Pridding 

During Christmas Sean and myself received some interesting gifts, over the past few weeks I have been particularly fascinated with this new ceramic skull that has been sitting on top of the desk in the study room for the past few weeks.

The skull features a range of patterns and designs that also provides quite an interesting effect and the colours compliment with the actual base of the skull. In fact the patterns are quite unique and the dark eye sockets do appear sinister, in fact the skull appears to be grinning.


So a couple of weeks ago, I was taking photographs of Sean’s work for a portfolio, I also decided to take some shots of the ceramic skull. The bright green grass compliments the patterns and designs on the very front of the skull. The overgrown grass also distorts the actual shape of the skull, I thought this particular effect was particularly interesting.


I’m hoping these photos will provide some new ideas in the next upcoming weeks. Thats all for now, stay tuned for future updates.

– Black Calavera

Skulls as Christmas Presents


Ceramic Skull Beads from Amor Y Locura & other Christmas Presents

Photography by Charlotte Pridding

20/12/12 – Skulls for Christmas!

Over the past week, I have been receiving quite a lot of skull bracelets and necklaces. I also bought a few ceramic beads from Amor Y Locura that I have eventually turned into a necklace. I was quite excited when I took these small ceramic skulls to the Jewellery store in Geelong, as soon as the lady attached some thread to these beads, this awesome one of a kind necklace was immediately placed around my neck! I did not even care that I have just come from a fancy event, the skulls were worn with all my other fancy jewellery, as tacky as it sounds! But why wouldn’t you wear these awesome ceramic skulls around your neck? I know it would have been way to hard to resist.

Skull Bead from Amor Y Locura on Gertrude Street

I also received a colourful skull bracelet that I haven’t taken off my wrist quite wrist except for the shower. The bracelet this just to die for and it just compliments everything else that I wear. I also received another ceramic bead from Amor Y Locura that I will make into another necklace once I get the chance and it’ll be worn with my skull necklace and bracelet!

Christmas Presents Part II

I also received another bracelet with the skull and crossbones attached to the front, I cannot take this one off either, this bracelet is almost glued to my wrist! But why wouldn’t you have skulls as christmas presents? I honestly think it’s a great idea! As you may know by now, I have a terrible habit with opening christmas presents early, I just cannot help myself, the surprise is just too much! Plus I have enjoyed wearing all my skull bracelets over christmas! 🙂

Original Skull Beads from Amor Y Locura


Black & White Skull Beads from Amor Y Locura

Photographs by Charlotte Pridding

18/12/12 – Day of the Dead Store on Gertrude Street offer Amazing Stock ready for Christmas!

The other day, my supervisor from uni had shown me these small ceramic skulls that she had purchased from the Day of the Dead Store in Melbourne. I just could not help myself, I quickly ran into the store and bought three ceramic skulls for myself; two in black and white and one in colour.

The skulls do appear to be hand crafted and the beads have proven to be very popular; I have seen many visitors within the store purchasing these small ceramic skulls. There were only a few left in stock as soon as I arrived to Amor Y Locura on Gertrude Street; an amazing Mexican store that sells a range of Mexican cookbooks, art books papier mache Skulls, hand crafted skeletons and jewellery. It’s very hard to walk into the store without buying anything, I must admit.

Colourful Skull Bead from Amor Y Locura

At first I was going to buy one skull and I walked out of the store with three, If you can leave the store without buying anything, you much have a lot of will power! Amor Y Locura do rotate their stock on a regular basis, so it is worth checking out the store for new stock. Now that I have the beads, I can now make a necklace, I just have to find a local jewellery store where I can purchase some thread.