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Extraordinary Three Dimensional Skulls by Alain Bellino


Alain Bellino, Vie de Chateau

Yesterday, I discovered the works of Alain Bellino, an artist / sculptor based in France who has successfully transformed a range of antiques and ornaments into these magnificent three-dimensional skulls. At first, I was immediately impressed by the level of detail and craftsmanship; Bellino’s sophisticated, yet perplexing designs provide a unique approach towards sculpting and metal restoration.

According to Bellino’s Behance website, the artist initially explored ornamentation and metal restoration in the 1980’s; Bellino applies these intricate materials with his own distinctive style in order to create a series of extraordinary, yet imaginative works of art.

The Renaissance period and the Vanitas have inspired the artist’s work that successfully combines a traditional European style with a modern, contemporary design. Bellino meticulously wields certain metals including Bronze, Silver and Gold in order to create a collection of inspiring, three-dimensional works, as referenced by the artist’s Behance site.


There are two works in particular that immediately captured my attention, the first one features a delicately, hand-crafted skull that features a range of creative, eclectic designs. The sculpture also features a castle that is attached to the very top of the skull; now this particular element is remarkably impressive to say the least!

I decided to view the image from a closer perspective and the skull is constructed from a range of floral patterns and designs; from a personal perspective Bellino’s sculpture successfully explores the concept of death. While the idea of fatality is imminent within Bellino’s work, the sculpture itself doesn’t necessarily feature a grim or grotesque representation. This is just my own interpretation anyway, I’m sure there are plenty of other meanings associated with this particular work.

Voyage is another fabulous sculpture produced by Bellino that features a detailed, intricate ship along with a silvery, monochromatic skull. The work is rather surreal and the detail is phenomenal, viewing this particular sculpture in person would be an incredible experience.


Bellino, Voyage

Every time I view the skull, I recognise something different or something I never even realised before. Take the key holes for instance, I never even recognised this fine detail until I decided to view the work for the second time, Voyage always has something unique to offer to the audience.

One could argue that Bellino’s Voyage, demonstrates the artist’s fascination with Renaissance art that is combined with a series of unusual designs. I can’t possibly imagine how long it would have taken Bellino to produce this particular work, it would be very interesting to find out!

Now I have mentioned two particular works that I have found inspiring, however I have recently discovered another image featuring a golden arrow impaling a bright, red apple that are both placed onto the top of a metallic skull. The colours significantly contrast with one another and the apple becomes a strong focal point; each individual detail delivers a very unique element that is almost impossible to forget!


Bellino, Successful 

As you can see, Alain Bellino has created some fabulous works, if you are interested in viewing the artist’s portfolio, click on the links below for further information. Justina Bakutyte has written a very interesting article in regards to the works of Alain Bellino that is definitely worth reading, just check out the link below.


Alian Bellino, “About”

Alian Bellino, Facebook Page,

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New Ceramic Skull becomes Centre of Attention


Photographs by Charlotte Pridding 

During Christmas Sean and myself received some interesting gifts, over the past few weeks I have been particularly fascinated with this new ceramic skull that has been sitting on top of the desk in the study room for the past few weeks.

The skull features a range of patterns and designs that also provides quite an interesting effect and the colours compliment with the actual base of the skull. In fact the patterns are quite unique and the dark eye sockets do appear sinister, in fact the skull appears to be grinning.


So a couple of weeks ago, I was taking photographs of Sean’s work for a portfolio, I also decided to take some shots of the ceramic skull. The bright green grass compliments the patterns and designs on the very front of the skull. The overgrown grass also distorts the actual shape of the skull, I thought this particular effect was particularly interesting.


I’m hoping these photos will provide some new ideas in the next upcoming weeks. Thats all for now, stay tuned for future updates.

– Black Calavera

Posters and Billboards for the Future Music Festival

4/2/13 – Skulls used to Promote one of Melbourne’s Most Popular Music Festival. 

Over the past few weeks I have recognised advertisements around Melbourne, promoting the Future Music Festival at Flemington Race Course. I have noticed banners, posters and billboards around the city, where the skull has been used as the logo. The festival will feature a Day of the Dead theme; most of the advertisements do feature bright, bold and vibrant colours that also compliment the skulls and the skeletons that reappear within the advertisements.Every year there is a different theme for the Future Music Festival; this is a very clever marketing strategy as you wouldn’t attend the same old festival every year.

Even the website is visually interesting, there are skulls left right and centre! The website is certainly up to date with the recent trends and styles, as the skull is very popular at the moment. A few months ago, I noticed a few A4 sized posters attached to lamp posts and now I’m beginning to see giant billboards all over the city, where the skull has become completely unavoidable. So I have been to one music festival before and you can visit various bands playing at different stages; it is fairly interesting as you can quickly move from one band to the other without waiting for an extended period of time.

It’s interesting to see how the festival use certain elements from the Day of the Dead Festival; the various colours patterns and designs do remind me of this particular celebration. The Day of the Dead theme definitely works well with the music festival and the event usually contains lots of drinking, singing and dancing. I do have one question in mind when I view the advertisements; has the skull lost it’s symbolic meaning? In a way yes, in these particular advertisements the typography actually distorts the shape of the skull to the extent where you could misinterpret the skull as something completely different. Needless to say, the skull does compliment the Day of the Dead theme; the typography also adds an interesting effect to the shape of the skull and the advertisements definitely captures my attention from the opposite side of the road.

It’s hard not to notice the advertisements, all the different colours immediately jump out at you! The advertisements are very well designed, although you need innovative designs in order to promote such a good lineup! There’s Ellie Golding, Dizzee Rascal, The Prodigy, Rudimental and many more!

For more information please click on the link below.

Art and Stuff

So another skull image (think in 2009 I was very much into skulls more so then normal as I seem to have been creating skulls more often during this time). With this one the main aim I had behind creating this was creating an image that could be easily screen printed on to a t-shirt. Now at the time I only had one screen to screen print with so I had to limit this design to being purely black which is why the tone within this image was all created with half tones. (As each colour when screen printing requires a separate screen to add it to the shirt). Still the overall effect worked well and I like the simple black and white imagery as it features strong contrast.

Hope you like this image.

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