Allow me to Introduce myself, I’m Charlotte Pridding and I’m an avid writer, artist and photographer with an interest for the human skull in the contemporary visual culture. The real question is, what does one do with all of these interests and inspirations? That’s where Black Calavera plays an extremely crucial part.

What is Black Calavera?

Black Calavera is a research project that investigates the growing interest of the human skull within contemporary art, design and popular culture. Towards the beginning of 2012, I was introduced to the Mexican Day of the Dead and the sugar skulls that were discovered via local bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and galleries across Melbourne.

This eventually progressed into a fascination for Western depictions of the skull that were significantly prevalent within contemporary fashion, film, television, art, graphic design and digital media. These incredible discoveries inspired the name, Black Calavera and the English word for “black” is merged with the Spanish word for skull, which is “Calavera.”

The blog includes a series of articles, reviews and projects exploring the artistic, cultural and historical representations of the human skull. The posts presents inspiring research relating to professional and emerging artists who explore death’s unavoidable presence from an artistic and cultural context. Furthermore, Black Calavera examines society’s ongoing fascination with death in the 21st century.

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