OMG Literally Dead is one Instagram Account worth following this year!


While I was scrolling through my news feed through Facebook, I discovered the most entertaining Instagram page known as “OMG Literally Dead” by Dana Herlihey. The site features a skeleton known as ‘Skellie’ who enjoys life’s everyday moments, whether it’s enjoying a cup of Starbucks coffee or going out for lunch, Skellie won’t miss a thing!


As soon as I discovered the Instagram page, I was immediately fascinated with this deathly, yet animated skeleton who ‘literally’ won’t take life for granted. The site features a prefect blend of satire, humour and creativity that has inspired me to follow Skellie and her daily activities.


It is interesting to view the subject of death from a satirical point of view and Herlihey’s Instagram page presents a unique, innovative concept that is rather addictive to follow at times. I have recognised that Skellie has rapidly increased in popularity amongst various social media sites and the online community. This has invited me to question whether we are searching for something different, a representation of death that isn’t overly morbid, sinister or grotesque.


In reference to the article via Skullspiration, Herlihey began to take photographs of the ‘office skeleton’ that eventually transformed into a popular Instagram page with thousands of followers and she realised there was a market for “contemporary satire.” Herlihey’s idea has successfully transformed just an ordinary skeleton into a loveable, yet entertaining figure with some very humorous characteristics, as referenced by Skullspiration.


If you love skulls or skeletons with a combination of humour and satire, I would recommend viewing this Instagram page, hopefully you’ll enjoy Skellie as much as I do! Check out the links below to view some more images or photographs featuring Skellie.


Skullspiration, “OMG Literally Dead,”

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