Compartes Chocolate: The Aztec Jungle Milk Chocolate Mole Works a Treat


Compartes Chocolate – Aztec Jungle Chocolate Mole 

Yesterday I decided to clean the study, where I discovered a colourful and decorative box sitting on top of the desk. I was immediately excited when I realised that I have discovered a block of chocolate, although I was disappointed when I realised the box was completely empty. I began to wonder why would I keep an empty box of chocolate in the study? I admire the packaging, the various patterns and designs are very creative!

The box finally triggered my memory and I remembered receiving this amazing block of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Honestly how can you go wrong with a block of chocolate concealed in a bright, colourful box? The chocolate was purchased from a store that has recently opened in Geelong on Pakington Street, known as the Chocolate Supply Co.

The store features a range of chocolates that are imported from influential chocolateries or businesses around the world, as referenced by the Burger Inc website. When I walked into the store for the first time, all I could smell was the aroma of chocolate, honestly it’s enough to make your mouth water! All the shelfs and the benches are filled with these amazing chocolates and it does take quite a lot of will power to walk out of the store without buying anything.


Compartes Chocolate, Aztec Jungle – Photo Two

The chocolate I received was imported from Los Angles from a company known as Compartes that produce and distribute their own chocolate. According to the Compartes official website, the company  use high quality ingredients from South America and Los Angeles in order to create a range of delicate, hand crafted chocolates.

I received a block of Compartes milk chocolate mole known as the Aztec Jungle that also contains a range of spices. It’s quite different to anything I have tasted before and the chocolate has quite a rich flavour, it would be difficult to eat this whole block of chocolate in one go. The Aztec Jungle has a spicy, bitter taste, which is quite different compared to the standard or traditional milk chocolate that you often find in the supermarket.

For those who are unfamiliar with mole, this is often recognised as a traditional dish that is associated with the Mexican / Aztec culture. In reference to Maria Herrera Sobek, mole derives from Aztec and European traditions; the sauce contains a mixture of chocolate, chillies, nuts and spices.


Compartes Chocolate, Aztec Jungle – Photo Three

I throughly enjoyed my block of Compartes chocolate and I remember enjoying every bite as I didn’t leave anything left behind. I am particularly fascinated in the packaging, the patterns and the designs feature similarities to traditional Aztec art.  The overall design is incredible and I couldn’t bear to throw away this colourful rectangular box; the packaging also features a pattern across the front that appear similar to the human skull. This is one of my favourite designs, the over shape and composition are quite distinctive, the patterns also remind me of a kaleidoscope.

I’m not entirely sure if the patterns are meant to represent skulls, although this would compliment the aztec theme and the nature of the packaging. If you are looking for something different, try some Compartes chocolate, I believe there are different flavours available, although the Aztec Jungle is definitely worth a try. Please visit the sites below for further information.


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