Breaking Bad: Season Finale is almost impossible to forget!


Breaking Bad: Season Six starring Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul, produced by Vince Gilligan

I’ve finally watched the season finale of Breaking Bad and the very last episode does end with an unexpected twist! As you may know by now, I am addicted to Breaking Bad and I began watching one season after another, the acting is phenomenal and the storyline is amazing, I would stay awake until one o’clock in the morning, wondering what would happen to Walter White and his family.

Almost everyone I have spoken to has raved about the season finale and I do believe that the last episode ended appropriately, although it wasn’t as violent as I was expecting. It’s quite interesting to view Walters transformation from a family man and high school chemistry teacher to this hostile drug dealer, who does make some very large sacrifices in order to maintain his position within the industry.

Walters life threatening decisions seriously affect his friends, family and associates who take a backwards spiral towards the very end of the season. The finale is absolutely astounding and I cannot help but sympathise with Walter as he hopelessly tries to pick up the pieces, although he suddenly comes to the realisation that nothing will ever be the same again, there’s no time for reconciliation.

Walter becomes a character that you learn to love and hate, at first you sympathise with Walter and his life threatening position; at the same time, you absolutely loathe his ruthless, senile attitude that completely destroys everyone around him. From a personal opinion, the season finale is quite depressing, shocking and absolutely sensational!

I have never been this fascinated with a television show and all the late night viewing all paid off in the end. What happens in the end? I honestly do not want to say anything because it’s better if you watch Breaking Bad from season one all the way to season six, you will not be disappointed and if you are then I will be utterly speechless!

So you’re properly wondering by now, I write a blog about skulls, why am I talking about Breaking Bad? Well first of all, I love this show more than anything else I have ever watched before and second of all, I have noticed skull imagery throughout the six seasons and I personally believe the skull strongly relates to the finale, where all the characters become exposed to danger and potentially life threatening situations.

I do not want to spoil the ending for you because Breaking Bad is just absolutely mind-blowing, in a good way that is. So if you are Bryan Cranston fan and you enjoy violent, yet humorous television shows, then you cannot miss breaking Bad, especially the Season Finale!

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