Breaking Bad becomes seriously addictive!


Breaking Bad: Produced by Vince Gilligan 2008 – 2013

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been addicted to Breaking Bad, every night I’ll sit in front of the television and I’ll watch at least three to four episodes in a row! The characters, the cinematography and the storyline is unbelievably mind-blowing, I don’t think I’ve actually met a person who has disliked this show!

Breaking Bad is produced by Vince Gilligan and the series has won numerous awards for it’s outstanding performance, as referenced by the AMC website. Once you start watching Breaking Bad, you wont be able to stop, you’ll watch every episode until the very end! I first started with three seasons and then I just could not help myself, I bought season four, five and six without question!

At the moment, I’m up to season five and I honestly cannot get enough of it! There are times where I am sitting on the edge of the seat, waiting with anticipation as each character begins to unravel another deep dark secret. So you’re properly wondering, where does this all begin?

Season One introduces Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a chemistry teacher who is struggling with lung cancer; Walter then decides to illegally produce methamphetamine with his ex student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) in order to provide his family with a form of financial security. As the medical expenses slowly begin to increase, Walter and Jesse attempt to find a way to sell their product without getting themselves killed by members of the drug cartel.


Walter White aka Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston) from Breaking Bad

Walt’s involvement within the drug industry also strains his relationship with his wife, Skyler White who begins to suspect that Walter is hiding something. There’s also the brother-in-law, Hank Scharder, a DEA Agent who is determined to find out who is producing this blue methamphetamine.

There are times, where Hank is only inches away from capturing Walter and Jesse, although they tend to find a way to escape some very dangerous situations. Each episode reveals both Walter and Jesse climbing their way up the ladder, eventually they start earning millions of dollars from their blue methamphetamine, although the Drug Enforcement Agency are on the mission to find the culprits. Little do they know that Walter is the one they need, the one that has been lingering under their noses the whole time!

So Breaking Bad is unbelievably clever and the special effects are amazing, there are certain aspects of the show that are entertaining. I do find the death scenes slightly amusing, I know this sounds macabre, although they do remind me of something you would see in a cartoon.

I have also noticed that Breaking Bad features quite a lot of foreshadowing, this particular effect does provide links to some major parts of the show. There are certain props that are displayed at the very beginning of the show that feature some sort of connection or correspondence to the characters further down the track.


Poster for Breaking Bad

This does add a level of suspense and you will begin to wonder, why is there a burnt teddy bear or a scene with a boiling kettle? Well everything starts to make sense as you continue watching the series, towards the end you do begin to realise why the props were used at the start, this is a very clever technique if you ask me.

There is one particular aspect that has captured my attention, I have realised that the skull appears throughout the television series. In a way, the skull has been used as a form of foreshadowing, I have noticed that the skull will appear before someone is about to die. So I wont go into too much detail for those who haven’t watched the series, but seriously if you haven’t wanted watched Breaking Bad, add this on your to do list!

Well I have to admit, Breaking Bad is quite violent for a television show that’s rated MA+15, there are certain characters that are burned to death with acid and then placed in barrels. On the other hand, the violence is balanced with humour, so it’s not quite as intense.

So Walter White is properly the most interesting character, who seems to be caught within a very difficult situation. At times I can almost sympathise with Walter, as he tries to earn enough money to keep a roof over his family’s head, at the same time I find Walter to be a ruthless, violent and intimidating character.

The Cast from Breaking Bad: Season 4 – 5

While the drug dealing is quite a drastic decision, what choice does Walter have? If he doesn’t find the money fast, Walter wouldn’t be able to afford his medical treatment leaving his family with a substantial amount of debt.

It’s quite a fascinating dilemma that does make an incredible storyline, Breaking Bad is the best television show I have ever seen! The show doesn’t glorify drugs and violence, Breaking Bad reveals what can actually happen in the world of drug dealing. It’s interesting to view Walter’s transformation from a timid high school teacher to ‘Heisenburg’, a drug dealer who will not stop until he gets exactly what he wants.

As I mentioned before, If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad then just buy yourself a copy, you wont be disappointed! So I haven’t watched the final season yet, although I cannot wait to see what happens next, so you will definitely hear from me soon!


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