Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones ends with a Bizarre Twist


Today I decided to watch Paranormal Activity Five and I honestly do not know where to start! I have watched all five films, although I didn’t  have high expectations for the last one, as they all have a very similar storyline.

Paranormal Activity Five did cause me to jump and there were some aspects of the film that were disturbing, although the ending was slightly disappointing and I do remember feeling confused, I actually walked out of the cinemas wondering what had actually happened.

So why am I even writing about Paranormal Activity 5? I have witnessed several advertisements on television that featured skull imagery and I wondered how these particular icons relate to the actual film? The Marked One’s is based in California, where 18-year-old Jesse is possessed by an evil spirit / supernatural entity that suddenly spirals out of control.


Grandmother preying in Paranormal Activity 

The film does focus upon a small Latino community including Jesse and his best friend Hector who both begin to realise that the next door neighbour, Anna is performing a range of bizarre rituals.

On the night of her death, both Jesse and Hector enter the abandoned apartment, where they find a range of unusual ornaments, video tapes and journals that they decide to take with them.I did notice skulls within the apartment, not real ones of course, just these small sugar skull candle holders that are stored within the basement.

The Marked Ones also contains Day of the Dead imagery that appears for five to ten seconds, now that was kind of interesting! There is one specific part of the film that does feature Day of the Dead figurines and a large skeletal mural on the wall that appears similar to the grim reaper. So this is the part where Jesse’s Grandmother and his friend, Marisol seek help from a local who works at an unusual antique store, although this only seems to escalate the situation.

The skull only seems to appear when someone is about to die, in a way the skull has been used to communicate a message. The Day of the Day imagery used within the film may reflect the Mexican / Latino culture, this was properly the most interesting part of the entire film.


Grandmother performing ritual on Jesse 

There were other parts that were quite boring, I do remember spending at least three to four minutes watching a white washing basket, there’s no music, no movement, there’s just a white basket placed within the middle of the lounge room. I am about to discuss the final part of the film, so there are some major spoilers!

Ok so the ending was fairly entertaining, you have witches, gangsters with shot guns and time travelling? When Jesse is kidnapped by a group of witches, his two best friends approach an isolated house with two gangsters who decided to bring a bunch of weapons along with them. Well….one of them just decides to just kill at least two witches with a shot-gun and they’re suddenly launched right into the air.

So these witches are supposed to be possessed in order to start this weird demon army, wouldn’t you think they would be able to overpower some random gangster with a shot-gun? Obviously not, it appears that this film doesn’t really have any logic what so ever, the ending doesn’t really make much sense at all.


Grandmother and Jesse’s friend at the Antique Store

The Marked Ones did cause me to cover my eyes within certain parts of the film, although the film was very predictable. Paranormal Activity Five was very similar to the previous films, they all have the exact same formula. So Hector and Jesse somehow travel back in time to the first film, where Katie murders her boyfriend Micah, I had no idea how time travelling relates to the storyline, maybe I’m missing something?

This idea seems very farfetched, so you have witches, demons and time travelling all mixed into one. This was definitely far different from what I was expecting, I was surprised, confused and dumfounded all at the same time. I actually thought the Marked Ones was the very last film, although the ending left everything wide open, surely the whole time travelling scenario can’t progress any further?

If the film focused upon the Day of the Dead iconography / symbology, this would have been more enjoyable to watch, perhaps this would have provided context to the film.  I must admit, I was impressed with the poster designs, if only the film was as good as the advertisements.

So the poster features a skeletal figure on the very front with a symbol across the forehead, this figure does appear very similar to the Virgin Mary, this particular poster actually convinced me to watch the film. So if you’re intrigued to watch the latest Paranormal Activity, then be prepared for some shaky camera work and a very boring, yet bizarre story line!

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