Ed Hardy’s Skull Perfume Bottles


During my Monday afternoon shopping trip in Geelong, I discovered a very large display of perfume at the very front entrance of a cosmetics store. I was seriously tempted to buy Katie Perry’s latest perfume, although I discovered a range black and white perfume bottles in the shape of a skull with a rose in between the teeth. I was definitely intrigued by the shape and the size of the perfume bottles, they were small enough to actually fit into the palm of your hand!

The fragrance is produced by Ed Hardy, a popular tattooist and fashion designer who often incorporates the skull into a range of contemporary designs. I’ve never really seen these particular perfume bottles before, I didn’t even know that Ed Hardy produced his own fragrance! These bottles are everywhere, every cosmetic store I have walked into will have a pile of these skull perfume bottles at the front entrance!


I must admit, the skull perfume bottles have a very sweet fragrance, it’s a little too sweet for my liking, although the smell was quite different to what I was expecting! I only tested the white bottle, which is the female fragrance, the black bottle is men’s cologne, I did not realise this until I actually researched the perfume online.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything sweet nor fruity, although it was quite a pleasant surprise! The black and silver packaging also has a unique appearance, the skull is printed onto the front of each box and the design reminds me of 1950’s tattoo art.

I was close to actually purchasing a bottle for myself, I’m just completely fascinated with the bottle and the design is quite different from any other perfume bottle I have seen before! You know, I have actually realised that the skull is still a very popular and recognisable image, it’s actually hard for me to walk into a store without finding at least one product with a skull printed onto the front!


It was only time until someone decided to design a skull perfume bottle, almost every other company has found a way to use the skull in some shape or form. Well not every company, but there are many corporations that have depicted the human skull in a contemporary context through advertising and product design. Are skull perfume bottles the next in thing? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next!

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