Neuw Denim use skull to Advertise their Latest Collection.


While I was wondering the street’s of Melbourne, I discovered a poster in one of the side alley ways in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. There’s always something interesting to find in Flinders Lane,the last time I walked down one of the alley ways I was lucky enough to find an entire wall of graffiti. It wasn’t just any old graffiti, some of the patterns and designs were just incredible!

That is the best thing about Melbourne, there is always something new to discover; In fact, every time I walk down Flinders Lane I always find something different, nothing really stays the same. Over the weekend, I recognised a poster for Neuw Denim that featured a human skull within the very centre of the advertisement. I noticed the poster out of the corner of my eye and I immediately walked into the side alley just so I could take a closer look at Neuw Denim’s latest campaign.

So many of you are properly wondering, what is Neuw Denim and why have they used a skull for their advertisements? While I was browsing a clothes store in Geelong, I removed a pair of jeans from the top self and I was immediately impressed with the quality, as I removed the label from the back pocket, I began to ask myself…..what is Neuw Denim?


Of course, Google has most of the answers straight at our fingertips, so I decided to type the name into the search engine. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to search to far, Neuw Denim’s official website appeared at the very top of the screen, so what is Neuw Denim, why am I even writing about Denim in the first place? According to the official website, Neuw is a brand / company that was originally based in Melbourne, Victoria, the brand name refers to a town / street name within the Netherlands, known as ‘Nieuwlandstraat’.

Neuw reconstruct and tailor ‘traditional denim’ in order to create a unique, innovative style. All the branding and product design is minimal, yet contemporary, even the price tag is well designed! The advertisement in the side ally way features a modern, yet sophisticated design that is currently advertising Neuw Denim’s latest collection, “Goldmine”.

According to the D’Marge Magazine, Neuw Denim’s most recent collection is inspired by the denim or the canvas worn by Goldminers who continuously work underground within stressful and intense working environments. Neuw have examined how the environment impacts the denim, Luc Wiesman suggests “In addition they researched how their environment made their jeans dark and rich with multiple layers of colour and authentic wear patterns”. (Luc Wiesman, D’Marge Magazine, 2013) Wiesman’s article is particularly interesting to read, even if there is only a few short paragraphs, the online magazine does provide some very interesting information in regards to Neuw Denim’s recent collection.

The advertisement within Flinders Lane a skull with golden tones that immediately defines the eye sockets and the jaw line. The advertisement does add a spark of creativity, in fact it is the golden skull on the side of the wall that has motivated me to undertake further research into Neuw Denim. I’m assuming the skull is used as a symbol of youth and rebellion, this advertisement would definitely appeal to a young demographic.

It’s also interesting to note that the skull has become a popular symbol in contemporary fashion, but why wouldn’t you use the skull? As you can all see, Neuw Denim’s most recent advertising campaign has definitely gained some street cred within Melbourne’s Urban culture. I have wondered whether the posters are intentionally placed within Melbourne’s most prominent lane ways, I wonder whether this has turned into a marketing strategy that specifically targets a niche audience who are interested in Urban street wear. Who knows really, I would recommend going for a walk around Melbourne, you’ll be surprised how many skulls you will find along the way.

If you are interested in high quality denim, I would definitely recommend visiting Neuw’s official website.

Neuw Denim,

Luc Wiesman, “Neuw Denim Goldmine Collection” D’Marge Magazine, 2013,

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