Warm Bodies Directed by Jonathan Levine


Ok so I haven’t been to the cinemas in a very long time and last night I decided to watch Warm Bodies, a romantic comedy that tells the story of a flesh eating zombie named R (Nicholas Hault) who falls in love with a young woman known as Julie (Teresa Palmer) While I am a huge fan of zombie films, I have never heard of a zombie love film; as soon as a I viewed the trailer for Warm Bodies on Youtube I was completely fascinated with the storyline.

I’ve watched love films featuring vampires, werewolves, witches and even fairies, never have I watched a love film with zombies. So many of you are properly wondering whether Warm Bodies is similar to Twilight and this is a comment that I have heard several times over the past couple of weeks. The storyline including the visual and the audio effects is rather entertaining, in fact I was impressed with the sound track throughout the entire film!


Warm Bodies is rather corny in some parts, although the film does offer a humorous and entertaining twist! What I do find particularly fascinating is R’s ability to reconnect and empathise with a human survivor; Julie finds herself trapped within an abandoned aircraft, where she begins to realise that her fellow companion is more than just a lifeless corpse.

Then there are the bonies, so what are the bonies? They are these grotesque, skeletal figures that are determined to suck the life out of the living and the dead. It is the sharp definition of their long, thin skulls that differentiates the bonies from the zombies. Within the film, a zombie can potentially disintegrate into a bonie, where the corpse enters the realm of the undead. It is this idea that fascinates me the most, the fact that there are multiple stages of death and Warm Bodies reflects R’s determination to become human once again.


While I do not normally go out of my way to watch a love film, I throughly enjoyed Warm Bodies. In fact, it was great to watch something different besides your stereotypical, B-Grade zombie film. Don’t get me wrong, I will never fall out of love with Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days Later, although it is quite refreshing to watch something different from time to time.

I am quite surprised I have actually watched a love film, as I usually go out of my way to avoid them. This must be a good sign, finally someone has made a love film that is enjoyable and easy to watch, this is an incredible achievement. Ok so if you are expecting an intense zombie film, where everyone and everything is completely obliterated by rifles and machine guns, I properly wouldn’t recommend watching Warm Bodies. However, if you do enjoy watching the occasional zombie film and you do not mind some of the corny parts, then I would advise clicking on the URL links below for further information.


Did you know, Warm Bodies is based on a novel by Isaac Marion? I didn’t even know this until I typed the name of the film into Google, it would be interesting to see how the book compares to the film, I suppose I’ll just have to find out. Jonathan Levine has successfully directed a humorous and entertaining film featuring Nicholas Hault who plays a superb, even marvellous role as R, a zombie that is able to express a range of human emotions such as love, happiness and despair.




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