Peter Gronquist Part II


I have been so fascinated by Peter Gronquist’s work, I have decided to write another post! In the previous post, I discussed one of Gronquist’s installations that features a deer’s head along with two golden skeletons at the top holding machine guns. I discovered an image of Gronquist installation on Facebook, the juxtaposition between the deer and the machine guns was so bizarre, the concept was so unusual I just had to write about it!

Well the other day, I received a comment in regards to Gronquist’s work, Parlour of Horror believes that the artist’s installation is a “commentary on the gun laws in the United States” With guns readily accessible within the United States, anyone can hunt and kill deer; Parlour of Horror also mentions how these particular concepts reflect a level of irony within Gronquist’s installation.

This is a very interesting comment, in a way Gronquist injects humour into such a dark and negative subject. So I decided to have a look at Gronquist’s other installations, the deer head’s have become a popular theme within the artist’s work. The golden machine guns do add a unique aesthetic to the work, Gronquist transforms the ordinary into an extraordinary body of work, I would just love the opportunity to view Genquist’s installations in person, it’s always a completely different experience when viewing an artwork in real life.

McDonalds by Peter Gronquist 

There was another installation in particular that has captured my attention. Gronquist has composed an animal’s skull with a McDonalds sign that illuminates the gallery space. The symbol reflects the way commercialism can impact the natural environment, don’t get me wrong commercialism can’t be blamed for everything, it’s just on of those things that has both positives and negatives.

The installation questions whether we constantly need to continue killing animals in order to produce a product that is cheaper than a single packet of potato chips; honestly these days, a cheeseburger costs one dollar, I can’t even buy bottled water for that price. I’m not saying McDonald’s doesn’t serve a valuable purpose to the way, I personally think commercialism can be taken to the extreme. Gronquist’s work may comment on meat production especially in the United States and the way life becomes cheap to a community that is completely overwhelmed with mass-produced products.


This is what I find fascinating about Gronquist’s work, at a first glance all you would see is a dear’s head with giant machine guns, at first you may laugh or wonder why on earth the artist has juxtaposed these two particular subjects. For me, the installations begin to have a powerful effect, they invite the viewer the speculate upon the meaning, the actual concept behind the artwork

The works themselves draw you closer and closer to the definition, the explanation, of course I just couldn’t move on with my day until I researched the context of Gronquist’s work. It is the ambiguity that allows me to maintain my level of interest and fascination with the artist’s installations.

If you are interested in Gronquist’s work please visit his official website for further information.

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