Skull Implants Become an Extreme Form of Body Modification


Jason’s Traeger’s Skull Implants

While I was browsing through tattoo art on the internet, I discovered a very peculiar photograph, the concept was completely and utterly bizarre to say the least. The image features a person with two skull implants that have been placed into the back of the hands, that’s right skull implants! I’ve never heard of anyone inserting skull implants into their own body!

The skull implants just take everything to the extreme, this is not a tattoo this is something that is placed beneath the skin, beneath the actual surface. I’m not to sure what has motivated this person to get the skull implants, Jason Trageger has taken body modification to a whole new level! I’m personally not a fan of Traeger’s implants, I start to feel uneasy every time I view the image, I don’t even know why anyone would insert a skull into their own skin.

I have an interest for skulls, although the skull implants are slightly repulsive, even the thought of inserting something like this into your skin just sounds very painful. I’m not quite sure what the meaning or the intention behind the implants, the two skulls may become a reminder of death or mortality.

What does it really mean to have a skull inserted into your skin, it could just be a spontaneous act or Trageger may have a strong interest for anything that is skull related. Who knows really, I don’t quite understand it although the image fascinates me, even if it does make me feel uncomfortable.


Skull Implants by Steve Hayworth 

What fascinates me if the shape and the texture of the skull that is embedded into the skin, it’s rather creepy, yet interesting. I have never seen anyone do anything like this before, it’s the spontaneity that intrigues me the most. In a way, the growing interest in the skull within popular culture has been taken to a whole new level, to the extent that it becomes apart of a person’s body and  I am not just talking about the outside!

I’m sure body modification has become a recent trend within the contemporary visual culture, now there are people having skulls inserted into their skin, I’m not entirely sure where any of this is heading, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. So I thought only one person has had the skull implants, I also discovered another person who has inserted a 3D skull into his chest, gee that must be very painful to put it mildly!

At first I didn’t quite know what to make of these photographs, I even contemplated whether the skull implants were real until I recognised all the stitches and the bruises. I would say this is a very extreme form of body modification, where the skull becomes a permanent attachment to the person’s own skin. The idea and the execution is what makes these skull implants taboo!

7 responses to “Skull Implants Become an Extreme Form of Body Modification

  • amracu871012

    I’d seen a few of these while perusing BMEzine. Personally, I’ve always wished there was a way to contact the individuals who submitted the pictures to ask why they chose to have this done.

  • Craver

    People have been doing different kinds of implants like this for a while. normally smaller ones. The guy who really started doing them professionally was Steve Haworth. You should look him up and see some of his stuff.
    Normally I’ve seen stars, moons, rings, horns stuff like that. This is the first time I’ve seen a skull. looks really cool!

  • King Body Art


    I just recently had a Skull implant put just off centre of my Wednesday. Its a tad sore to say the least.

    For me its Body Art part of my legal name however its something i wanted. Body Art on the inside as I am covered on the out side.

    Tribes once put stones and metal under there skin. We know have cleaner surgical ways to put implants in. Thee are lots of designs not just skulls.

    I also have one of my eyes tattooed. I much prefer the medical term though stained sclera. A lot of ppl that have this extreme mod look over the safety issue of not going and getting an eye test before and after. Because if there is something wrong with your eye (s) then be assured this procedure would be the 1st cause even if you had an eye problem in development you were unaware off.

    People Mod for all sorts of reasons. For me its to evolve my Body Art. Oh and I’m not suffering any BDD or mental illness in fact in a governor in the UK NHS for Mental Health.

    Feel free to check my website out. / contact info on there.

  • King Body Art

    Feel free to contact me via my website

    I will be happy to explain why I had mine Wednesday 11th June 2014 just days ago.

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