New Skull Printed T-Shirt from Jay Jays

Jay Jays Recent T-Shirt Collection

Over the weekend, I discovered a range of skull printed t-shirts in Jay Jays, a popular clothes store that sells a range of jackets, shirts, dresses, skirts and other fashion accessories. As soon as I entered the store, I walked straight towards the men’s section and purchased a black and white t-shirt with decorative illustrations printed onto the base of the skull.

There’s something about skull t-shirts that I just can’t resist, some of the designs are very creative! The very first item I remove from my wardrobe is one of my skull printed t-shirts, they just compliment everything else I wear throughout the day; plus I am interested in almost anything that is skull related as you can tell by now.


So I have noticed that Jay Jays continually rotate their stock every couple of months and that means one thing….new skull printed t-shirts to buy! In the men’s section, most of the t-shirts are well designed and they are reasonably priced, unfortunately there aren’t as many skull t-shirts within the women’s section. The designs or the illustrations are not as interesting or creative; I just purchase extra, extra small t-shirts from the men’s department, it’s easier than hunting through all the women’s t-shirts hoping to find some interesting and practical to wear.

It’s almost impossible to buy a skull printed t-shirt in my size, why aren’t they supplied in the women’s department? This has been a constant dilemma, I usually have to shrink most of my t-shirts in the wash, not that I really mind too much, as long as the t-shirt features an interesting pattern on the front, I am quite content.

Does the skull attract more of a male audience than a female audience? I have asked this question many times before, I am convinced that the skill attracts both a male and female demographic. I have spoken to women who have said there were unable to find a decent skull printed t-shirt available in their size, in a way the skull often features masculine qualities especially in Western popular culture.


It’s not everyday you see the women’s department saturated with skull printed t-shirts with colourful and artistic designs, you have to hunt through the speciality stores in the side alley ways in order to find what you’ve been desperately been searching for, a skull t-shirt that is not a tank top or a see through shirt, just a normal t-shirt with an awesome, creative design on the front!

Anyway, Jay Jays is fantastic for men’s t-shirts, especially if you are looking for a skull printed t-shirt at an affordable price. Check out their website for more information.

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