Melbourne’s Street Art


Graffiti opposite Brunswick Street by House of Meggs

The Skull in Melbourne’s Urban Street Culture. 

Over the weekend, I decided to explore the graffiti around Flinders Lane and Brunswick Street in Melbourne, there are some designs around the city that are just incredible and the level of detail is very inspiring! All the different colours, patterns and illustrations add a creative vibe to the city, where the empty lane ways are transformed into an outdoor gallery space. Technically you are still viewing art in a public space without the frames and the technical equipment.

I have realised that the graffiti does change over a certain period of time, it’s almost impossible to walk into an alley way without noticing something different. Hosier Lane for instance regularly changes their designs year after year, the street is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Melbourne! This is what I find so interesting, every time I visit Hosier Lane, I know I’ll find something completely different, something unique, I know I wont be viewing the same old artwork.


Random Skull in Melbourne Alleyway 

So I decided to wonder around an empty alley way on a saturday afternoon, I discovered some interesting street art that I just had to photograph! The whole street was abandoned, all I could see was overfilled rubbish bins, piles of cardboard and rubbish bags dumped all over the place. To be honest, the street was quite a mess, although I still enjoyed all the graffiti and street art along the walls.

I have realised that the skull is a very popular image in urban street art, I noticed a skull in almost every lane way I had walked through. So why is the skull such a popular image in Melbourne’s street culture? From billboard advertisements to printed t-shirts, the visual culture is completely saturated with skulls, it’s almost impossible to walk through the city without noticing a skull.


Another Skull Image within Flinders Lane

Maybe we’re all trying to reproduce the skull in order to desensitise ourselves to the idea of death, the idea that life itself will not last forever. Or maybe it’s the other way around, the idea of death could be very fascinating to some of us and the skull may symbolise society’s own connection with death, who knows really. The skull appears to be a popular image that people are generally interested in whether it’s fashion, advertising or street art.

Before I walked to the station, I visited Hosier Lane for the last time and the entire street was buzzing with tourists, photographers and couples looking for something to eat. There was even a wedding and a photo shoot in one of the side streets, Hosier Lane is a very vibrant spot and the graffiti is amazing to say the least!


Graffiti / Street Art in Hosier Lane

This is by far one of the most interesting destinations in Melbourne, it’s not everyday you see a skateboard super glued to a wall, a photo shoot featuring batman, dozens of milk cartons stacked one on top of the other and a bride having her photograph taken in front of the most creative street art I have ever seen. There’s always something random to find and it’s the spontaneity that makes this street so interesting, if you haven’t been before I would recommend visiting Hosier Lane if you are into graffiti and street art.

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