Metro’s Latest Campaign Reduces the Number of Train Related Accidents


Metro’s Campaign at Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Metro Railway Service Introduces Dumb Ways to Die

I often travel around Melbourne via public transport and over the past few months I have noticed a new advertising campaign by Metro. Every time I’m at the station waiting for a train, I recognise various cartoon characters that are attached to the walls along with posters that promote safe traveling. Each character has died from a very stupid accidents such as eating an unrefrigerated cookie or hiding in the tumble dryer.

Metro have also introduced at least three different characters that have died from train related accidents such as standing too close to the platform, jumping across the railway track or trying to speed through the boom gates at the level crossing. The campaign also adopts a level of humour and satire in order to reduce the number of accidents on Metro’s railway service.


Skeleton with Fork and Toaster at Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

According to Stephan Cauchi from The Age, the campaign has reduced accidents by 30 percent, which is rather promising as there is nothing worse than hearing about another fatal accident on the train line. The campaign will be used to educate school children about the importance of safe travelling especially around trains, which is a great idea as Metro are making a huge effort to limit the number of fatality’s on trains and level crossings.

There was one character in particular that has captured my attention; from the corner of my eye I noticed a skeleton holding a toaster with a fork. This character has decided to use the fork to extract 2 pieces of toast and as a result he electrocuted himself to death; all that is left is a skeletal figure looking very disgruntled. I have recognised this skeletal figure in almost every station I have walked through!

Dumb Ways To Die, Video Clip

I decided to search for more information online and I found a website, titled “Dumb Ways to Die” with a video clip featuring all the characters from Metro’s latest advertising campaign. The clip features various characters dying from out of date medication, eating super glue or poking a grizzly bear; towards the end there are characters that die from walking or driving along the tracks. Stephan Cauchi explains that the video clip also features a song that was produced by Ollie McGill and the clip also features Emily Lubitz who begins to sing along to the lyrics.

In fact the song is the best part of the clip, I guarantee you’ll be singing along to the lyrics. I can’t get the song out of my head, it has a great tune! The website features a creative, innovative style that allows the viewer to interact with the content on the site. The viewer is able to click on the different characters in order to find out all the stupid ways to die. This is by far the most innovative campaign I have seen this year plus and if it lowers the number of accidents then that is a very promising result!

For more information, visit the official website.

Stephan Cauchi, “No Dumb Luck: Metro Claims Safety Success”, The Age, 2013,

2 responses to “Metro’s Latest Campaign Reduces the Number of Train Related Accidents

  • Doug Brown

    How fantastic to have it confirmed that great advertising actually works! You’ll probably also enjoy some of the spin-offs from this ad on YouTube. It really did inspire people.

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