Dead Era


Howdy from Texas by Edgar Regalado 

Unique Product Branding by Dead Era

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been following Blood Sweet Vector, a site filled with inspiring illustrations from some of the top designers!

I stumbled across a brand known as Dead Era, a company that sells fashion accessories for both men and women. I have never heard of Dead Era until I noticed an illustration on Blood Sweet Vector that features a skeleton driving a motor vehicle.

With the eyes popping out of the eye sockets and the tongue draped to the side, the skeleton’s animated facial expressions do provide a comical, even satirical quality to the illustration. The image was designed by Edgar Regalado, an illustrator who works for Dead Era.


Illustration from Dead Era

I just couldn’t help myself, I just had to visit the website! I was really inspired by the illustration and I was just dying to find out the concept behind the brand. As I scrolled through the website, I noticed that there were other illustrations with skulls and skeletons.

What I do find rather amusing is the logo or the banner at the top of the website; the face  appears similar to a zombie and the cap may suggest that the company specialises in urban street culture / skater culture.

The history of the company features a very creative and innovative style, the layout appears similar to a story board and the illustrations definitely captures the viewer’s attention.


Dead Era Logo

This is by far the most impressive website I have ever seen, the absence of colour is very effective and the pages are easy to navigate, it’s always a good start when you are able to find the information you need!

Dead Era tells the story of a teenager who dispares over the rise in technology that has turned society into lifeless zombies with no ideas to spare. According to the website, Dead Era has established an innovative, creative apparel in order to “reanimate the deadest souls”.

The way Dead Era describes their company is creative, this is by far the most creative website I have seen so far! In a way, Dead Era have used the idea of death for a unique fashion label, the layout and the display is very professional yet imaginative!

For more information please click on Dead Era’s official website for more information.

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