T-shirt Designs by Travis Price


Labotomy – T-shirt by Travis Price 

Travis Price Designs T-shirt’s for Mambo’s Men’s and Children’s Collection.

Over the past few days, I’ve been browsing through a website titled Blood Sweet Vector that features a range of graphic design and vector illustrations. I discovered the works of Travis Price, a “commercial illustrator” who has designed several t-shirts for Mambo. I have seen Travis Price present his work at Field Trip, an arts and design conference held at the Australian Centre of Moving Image in Melbourne, Federation Square.

It was interesting to see Travis Price assemble his design through the big screen, it was similar to a tutorial. Price’s personality and sense of humour did make the presentation very interesting to watch!

Price’s printed t-shirts features some contemporary, retro designs along with bright, vibrant colours. I have noticed a few skull printed t-shirts that are displayed on Blood Sweet Vector and there is one t-shirt in particular that has instantly captured my attention. Price’s black and yellow t-shirt features a skull that is used as a cocktail glass along with an umbrella, a straw and a slice of lemon. The eye sockets reveal two bright yellow diamonds that contrast with the base of the skull including the nose and the jawline.


T-Shirt Design by Travis Price 

If I found this t-shirt, I would not hesitate to buy it! I wouldn’t even mind if the t-shirt was only available in men’s sizes, the design is unique and creative! The t-shirt was designed for Mambo, an Australian clothing company that sells a range of printed t-shirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, footwear and other fashion accessories. Price has designed several t-shirts for Mambo’s men’s and children’s collection, although these designs would be perfect for the women’s collection aswell.

You won’t believe how much I have struggled to find a decent skull printed t-shirt in my size, all I find is men’s t-shirts that I have to shrink in the wash, In fact I don’t really mind doing this along as the designs are retro! I decided to look through Mambo’s online store, in the Men’s section I have discovered at least one or two skull printed t-shirts on every page! In the women’s section on the other hand, I noticed only a couple of skull printed skulls throughout the entire collection!

Honestly, I can’t spend one day in the city without seeing someone wearing a skull printed t-shirt, indeed they are popular, although they are targeted towards a male demographic. It would be great to see some skull printed t-shirts in women’s sizes!

Travis Price’s t-shirts feature contemporary and innovative designs in a range of different colours and sizes. In fact Prices’s collection is rather amazing! For more information click on the links below.



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