Exoskeleton by Janina Alleyne


11/2/13 – Recent Design by Footwear Designer, Janina Alleyne 

While I was reading through the MX Newspaper and I discovered an image within the middle of the page that featured a pair of high heel shoes designed by Janina Alleyne. The heels are titled “Exoskeleton”, Alleyne’s most recent collection that explores the skeletal structure of insects. These high heels do feature a very elegant design and the different patterns also creates an very interesting effect. While I do admire these high heels, I wondered how anyone would be able to walk in them? The heel is pointy, I would say you would need a very high level of coordination to walk in these. Then I realised that the shoe is a 3D print; the image itself isn’t an actual shoe that you can physically buy.

The different shapes and angles definitely captured my attention, when I first viewed the image it did take a few minutes for me to understand that the image is in fact a high heeled shoe. The shoe has been abstracted through the different shapes and patterns; this is what I like about the design, I do like the fact that you have to look closer into the image in order to view all of the detail.

On the other hand, the colour and the texture is just incredible! It’s as if the shoes have been crafted from skeletons or bones; I must admit these shoes would look amazing with a black dress. The high heeled shoes have also questioned how death is portrayed within contemporary fashion, the skull in particular proves to be a very popular image for shoes, dresses, t-shirts and other fashion accessories. Theres something about these shoes that really stand out, the shape and the design is simply unique, in fact I haven’t seen a shoe quite like this one!



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