Dark Light by Chuck Anderson


9/2/12 – NOPATTERN Website Presents Anderson’s Dark Light! 

The other day I discovered a website titled, NOPATTERN by artist and designer, Chuck Anderson who has worked for many international companies including Absolut Vodka, Adidas, Microsoft, Nike etc. There was one image in particular that did capture my attention, “Darklight” features a skull that is juxtaposed with vibrant patterns and designs that also highlights the roses within the background.

The way the different colours merge into one another does add a very interesting effect to the image, the different shapes also distorts the shape of the skull, especially the nose and the eye sockets.

The style also appears very futuristic, the colours remind me of something you would see in space. The light does shine in different directions and the different colours reminds me of dripping paint, there is just so much to take in!  In fact, Anderson’s, “Darklight” features a dark, yet beautiful aesthetic, where the colourful illustrations and designs blend into the shape of the skull.

All the different colours within the artist’s work allows me to interpret death within a positive light; the image allows me to consider that there is another place beyond the living world. The juxtaposition between the roses and the skull also invites me to interpret death as an important part of life. Anderson’s work is just incredible, the technique and the style is something that I find inspiring!

Anderson’s work does feature an innovative style, it’s hard not to recognise all the vibrant illustrations! I would recommend visiting Anderson’s website for more information.


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