Interview with Psychobat by Dead Deco


Image Retrieved from the Deco Deco Site, Link Attached Below. 

8/2/13 – Day of the Dead Image by Psychobat. Ink Pen turns Photograph into a Work of Art!

While browsing through the net, I discovered a very interesting interview with Mexican artist, Psychobat by Dead Deco. Dead Deco is a very interesting blog that features articles, images, photographs and interviews relating to the Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration. In this recent interview, Dead Deco asks at least five different questions relating to the artist’s own connection to the Mexican Day of the Dead that is described as a joyous and celebratory event; an event that honours the lives of those who have passed away.

According to Psychobat, the Day of the Dead is not a celebration that perceives death as a subject of fear and anxiety; instead, friends, families and members of the local community gather to celebrate the deceased. It is interesting to read the perspective of an artist who has lived in Mexico and it is also interesting to discover the artists own interpretations relating to Mexico’s Day of the Dead Celebration.

The interview features an image of Psychobat’s work that does feature similarities to the Mexican sugar skulls that are also associated with the Day of the Dead celebration. I must admit the amount of detail is just incredible; the various patterns and designs transform an ordinary image into something rather extraordinary!

The interview briefly mentions the artist’s own professional practise and technique in the very last question. Pyschobat had discovered a photograph of a model that was spontaneously covered in patterns and illustrations in order to create something different.

On the left hand side of the image, I have noticed a black sharpie pen and I was amazed with the way the artist has produceed such a creative and innovative design with just one black marker. Psychobat has even managed to create tone and gradation that is quite difficult to achieve with a sharpie pen, so I do admire the artist’s own method and technique.

It is interesting to note that Psychobat has used a photograph of a model that is covered in black pen; in a way, the artist has transformed this particular form of advertising into a work of art! I actually prefer this image compared to all the fashion magazines sold at the supermarket or the bookstore; in fact if I saw this particular artwork in a magazine, I would be rather excited! The endless photographs of photoshopped and airbrushed models just gets tiring and frustrating; it’s fantastic to see something different, something interesting!

The interview does explain Pyschobat’s own cultural and spiritual heritage with the dead that does correspond with the artwork that is currently displayed on Dead Deco’s site; I wonder if the image resembles the artist’s relationship with the Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration.

I am assuming that Pyschobat has used a page from a magazine and the artist has used the pen in a way that manipulates the original image into something creative and imaginative. Psychobat hopes to apply these particular designs onto a real human face and I can’t wait to see the results.

If you are interested in Psychobat’s artwork or the Day of the Dead celebration, I would recommend visiting Dead Deco’s page for further information and there are some other fantastic articles to read through. Dead Deco also has a pinterest page if you are looking for some inspiration.

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