Skulls in Shopping Mall


5/2/13 – Dotti Uses Skulls for Window Display

Last week I spent the afternoon aimlessly walking around the largest shopping centre I have ever seen! Northland shopping Centre is located on the other side of Melbourne right in the middle of nowhere; I had to catch a bus just so I could get to this place. The shopping centre was so large, I couldn’t find the exit, it was like a maze, as I continued to walk around in circles wondering whether I would eventually find the exit sign.

On my journey, I discovered many retail stores that have used the skull for their advertisements or window display. I was surprised when I discovered Dotti’s latest advertisement; the front window display features a large photograph of a young woman wearing a black and white jumper with a skull in the very centre. Dotti usually sells a range of stylish dresses, shoes and skirts; it’s the type of clothing you would wear for a fun night out.

So I was actually surprised when I recognised the skull displayed in the very front window that has invited me to question whether the skull have become a popular icon in fashion? I continually keep asking myself the same question, although there is a growing interest for the skull in high fashion and popular culture. There’s Ed Hardy, Alexander McQueen and Rick Genest; the trend just keeps going, I can’t even walk into a clothes store without finding a large pile of skull printed t-shirts.

As I continued to walk around the shopping mall, I also recognised another clothes store with skulls printed onto the front window. In fact I couldn’t even see through the window because it was covered in skulls. Just proves that the skull is still a popular, fashionable icon, especially in retail.

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