Latest Graffiti Art in Melbourne


3/2/13 – Skull used as Graffiti 

Last week I was walking through Melbourne, where I discovered the most interesting graffiti design in a ally way. As soon as I recognised the skull, I immediately walked into the ally way and I was amazed by the different colours, patterns and designs. I’m not too sure who the artist is, although It is interesting to see this particular design on my way to the station.

The skull also creates an interesting composition with the different patterns, especially within the background. The design is quite different, it isn’t like anything I have seen before. The use of tone around the eye sockets and the jaw is incredible! The different colours also create a level of vibrancy that is almost impossible to avoid if you are walking down a dull, grey alley way.

Melbourne is simply fantastic for graffiti art, there are just some days where I just walk around the city looking for graffiti. To me personally, graffiti is just as valuable as a painting hanging within the gallery space. I don’t just mean tagging, I mean the amazing graffiti art that immediately captures your attention from the other side of the road. The kind of graffiti art that makes you stop what you are doing all together, have you ever experienced that before? I have all the time, I become so inspired by Graffiti art; it just makes life so much more interesting that’s for sure.

So if you are looking for some amazing graffiti art for inspiration, I would recommend a day trip with a few friends, take a camera and just walk around Melbourne, I guarantee you’ll find something!

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