Soya 365: Quantas Spirit Youth Awards

25 – 31 / 1/ 13 – Entry into Soya’s Photography Competition 

A few days ago I entered an online photography competition via the SOYA (Quantas Spirit Youth Awards). I decided to enter the black and white photographs I have created through the Black Calavera research project that explored the Mexican sugar skulls and the Day of the Dead Festival.

The entry features a series of photographs I have produced over the past 12 months including the photographs that I have distorted through the use of water, paint and cellotape. These particular processes present a level of decay and destruction through the distressed appearance of the photograph; this idea presents a juxtaposition between Western and Mexican perspectives of death.

While the Day of the Dead is a colourful and joyous celebration that honors the deceased, the Western culture is often fearful or anxious of death. Death is often portrayed through the absence of colour, something that is usually wiped under carpet, where families continue on with their every day life like nothing happened. The Day of the Dead on the hand hand embraces and celebrates death, families reunite to celebrate the lives of those who have passed away. In my own photographic project, I hope to combine these two different interpretations of death.

I will ask for a huge favour though, if you would please be able to click the like button on my site that would be much appreciated, the link is attached below. If you would please be able to help promote my entry page that would also be a huge help! At the moment I am trying to promote my work and the Black Calavera research project.

Thanks for all your help and support, stay tuned for further updates. Please click on the link below to preview the entry page on SOYA.

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