Black & Yellow Sugar Skull

21 – 25/1/13 – Work in Progress 

I have been rather busy over the past few weeks, although I did manage to decorate some more sugar skulls in my spare time. I used the rest of the icing sugar in the back of the cupboard in order to create yellow and purple icing sugar; I then use the mixture for patterns / Illustrations. Well, I didn’t have a lot of luck mixing the icing sugar; the purple did turn to black, which was highly unfortunate. I do have an interest for complimentary colours and I thought it would be interesting to create a purple and yellow sugar skull.

Well that plan didn’t work as well as I was expecting; I suddenly realised that I had run out of icing sugar. I just decided to go along with it and just use the black icing sugar, I spontaneously created a random design and then I used the yellow icing sugar in order to create a strong composition. I wasn’t too sure to begin with and I decided to continue decorating the skull until I was pleased with the results.

I decided to photograph the black and yellow skull along with the other sugar skulls I have decorated; I though this idea would create an interesting juxtaposition between all the different colours.

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