Day of the Dead Skulls and Skeletons at Touche Hombre

19/1/12 – Just Another Visit to Touche Hombre in Melbourne. 

I have visited Touch Hombre frequently over the past couple of weeks; I just can’t get enough of this Mexican restaurant! If you haven’t been to Touche Hombre already, I would recommend taking a visit; the restaurant is located on Lonsdale street in the city of Melbourne. The food is excellent and the interior design is so vibrant and decorative!


From my previous visit to Touche Hombre, I have noticed ceramic skulls and papier-mache skeletons that were placed on top of the bar as well as the front window. There was one papier-mache skeleton in particular that captured my attention; on top of the bar was a black and red skeleton holding a pitch fork. During the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, celebrant often make skeletons from wood, papier-mache and clay that feature lively or animated expressions.


This character definitely had a large grin on it’s face and the decorative patterns did capture my eye from the other side of the room. I asked the lady behind the bar where they had bought the skeletal figurines and the lady had explained that they were purchased from the Day of the Dead store on Gertrude Street.


Now this place is becoming very popular and If you haven’t been there before, I would recommend visiting Amor Y Locura. The stock is so colourful and vibrant, I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has been able to walk out of the store without buying something. I do like the fact that Touche Hombre have decorated their restaurant with skeletons and ceramic skulls, very authentic indeed.

For more information please click on the URL below.

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