Mictlancihuatl, 2012 by Sean Breasley


Print by Sean Breasley. The Frame is Straight I was too short to take a Photo of the Whole Image.

3/1/2013 – Illustration of Mictlantecuhitl as Christmas Present

On Christmas I had received an original print from my boyfriend, Sean Breasely who is a talented illustrator and a graphic designer. When I had first seen the drawing last year, I was impressed with the level of detail, just to see the way the drawing was produced in illustrator was quite incredible.


What amazes me, is the fact that each individual skull features a unique style and characteristic; the detail provides each skull with it’s own personality. Each skull is used to compose the shape of the woman’s hair; her pale face contrasts with the animated skulls and their lively facial expressions.


Sean has explained that the illustration was inspired by my own research project, “Black Calavera” where I had used makeup to replicate the Mexican sugar skulls  within a Western / European context via black and white photography. I must admit, the illustration does look like me, even the shape of the nose! In fact, I am impressed with the overall design.


Even though I have watched Sean create the illustration on the computer, I was quite pleased to see a large print that was wrapped in colourful christmas paper.
As soon as I saw the print under the miniature christmas tree, I was utterly delighted!


As soon as I unwrapped the print, I asked myself where I would hang this lovely print I have received. Well this is a good question because most of the space of my wall has been covered with posters, artworks, magazine covers and photographs. Well of course I had to make some room, but I decided to place the print opposite my bed and because I am short it has been placed at the ideal height, which is also a bonus.


The print has become a memento, the image reminds me of the research and the work I have produced last year as part of my university project. It is nice to have an original artwork on the wall; something that reminds me of my own research project. The work is also titled, “Mictlancihuatl” who is the goddess of death in Aztec Mythology, this is a concept I have explored throughout my project and I am pleased to see such an elaborate illustration on my very own wall.


I would recommend visiting Sean’s blog, there is some great work on display at the moment. Please click on the URL link for further information.



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