Thomasina Mier’s New Cookbook, “Wahaca: Mexican Food at Home”


The Front Cover from Thomasina Mier’s, Wahaca.

1/1/2013 – Skulls and Skeletons in Thomasina Miers new Mexican Cookbook

First of all I would just like to say Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a great night last night! So yesterday, I had said I was going to make a Mexican themed New Years Eve Dinner, I was disappointed that I was unable to find a bottle of Espolon Tequila although I did manage to make tortillas from scratch, I was very pleased with the results!

On Christmas, I received a Mexican cookbook by Thomasina Miers, also known as “Wahaca: Mexican Food at Home”, that features some very impressive recipes. The Telegraph explains that Miers travelled to Mexico at a young age where she developed a passion for authentic Mexican cuisine and street food. In 2005 Miers was the first to win the British Masterchef; since then Miers has opened her own restaurant in London, which is also known as “Whaca”.


Skeleton on the Front Page of Whaca by Thomasina Miers

The cookbook itself features some very colourful patterns and designs; all the images makes the cookbook very interesting to read. I have noticed that skulls and skeletons were a popular image throughout the entire cookbook; these designs were also juxtaposed with recipes and photographs of Mexican inspired dishes!


Skeletons in Thomasina Mier’s Cookbook, Wahaca. 

What I do love about Mier’s cookbook is the fact that the pages are decorated with the Mexican handcrafted skulls; to me, the designs add a level of authenticity to the cookbook as the hand crafted skulls do play an important part within the Day of the Dead celebration. The skulls also add an interesting design to the cookbook; in fact the cookbook is very well designed in my own opinion.


Skeleton in Mier’s Wahaca Cookbook 

From viewing all the different patterns and designs; it’s similar to looking through an art book; that is what I love about this cookbook, it’s definitely features an artistic flair. So anyway, on new years eve I cooked steak and cheese tacos with homemade tortillas, I must admit these were the most flavoursome tacos I have ever made! What I also like about Mier’s recipes is the fact that they’re healthy and easy to follow, while the tortillas were time consuming to start off with, the tacos took only 20 minutes to make!


Skeleton in Mier’s Whaca Cookbook II

My boyfriend also made refried beans as well as sweetcorn and black bean salsa from Mier’s other cookbook, “Mexican Food Made Simple”, I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who is interested in Mexican cuisine.


Home made Guacamole, Refried Beans plus Sweetcorn & Black bean Salsa from Thomasina Mier’s Cookbook: Mexican Food Made Simple. Tortilla Recipe from Whaca Cookbook.

The next day we decided to use all the left over salsas for nachos, I know nachos aren’t really Mexican, but it was a great way to get rid of everything that was left in the fridge. With Thomasina’s salsas the nachos weren’t really that unhealthy besides from the chips and the tasty cheese! Miers also has a blog that features simple and amazing recipes, please click on the link below for further information.


Nachos with Leftover Guacamole, Refried Beans and Corn Salsa from Miers Cookbook.

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