New Years Eve, Time to Celebrate with Mexican Theme


Preparing for New Years Eve Dinner with Taco Recipe and Frida DVD, along with “Our Tattoos” Art Book.

31/12/12 – Black Calavera at the Very End of 2012

So it’s new Years Eve and I have now been blogging almost everyday for the past nine months! At the beginning of the year I was an honours student setting up the blog for the first time, now the blog has accumulated 68,671 views, 144 followers and 123 comments throughout the year! The Skulls project was initially used as a research project that assisted with my thesis and my own exhibition, now that I have completed my degree I am hoping to expand upon Black Calavera into a small business.

The objective was to explore the proliferation of the skull in contemporary art and popular culture, I had discovered so many different skulls, I finally realised I was posting images almost everyday! I would say that the skull is popular, in fact the skull has increased in popularity since the start of the year, I can’t even walk around the city without recognising at least one skull. Throughout the research project, I gained a very strong interest for the Mexican Day of the Dead; this annual celebration was beginning to appear all over Melbourne, in restaurants, galleries, public spaces and even cafes.


Mexican Themed New Years Eve Dinner?….I think so!

The Mexican hand crafted skulls have become extremely popular in Melbourne’s street culture; now I cannot stop myself collecting small ceramic Day of the Dead skulls! I now produce my own hand crafted sugar skulls after attending a workshop at the Immigration Museum; the process is so fascinating, I just could not stop decorating skulls all over christmas. I am hoping that these sugar skulls can be used for future projects next year!

The skull is now reproduced in every shape and form; but I am not complaining because I do love wearing skulls. In fact the skull has completely saturated the contemporary visual culture; I can’t remember the last time I was able to walk down the street without recognising the skull. I can confidently say I have achieved the purpose of the project, although I do intend to continue researching the skull and it’s cultural, historical and commercial influences.

So what do I have planned for New Years? A Mexican theme of course! In fact once I have typed this post I am going straight to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients to make tortillas, salsas, tacos and tequila; honestly I could not think of a better way to spend New Years! I also have a Frida Kahlo DVD that I intend to watch sometime this evening or this afternoon, but I shall keep you all updated with the outcome, especially the tortillas.

I wish to thank everyone for their help and support this year, especially all the followers, all this would have not been possible without you all! I wish to thank those who have contributed their own thoughts and ideas, all your ideas have definitely assisted and contributed to the development of the research project. Stay tuned for next year for further updates, articles and projects!

Happy New Years Everyone,

Black Calavera X

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