Future Music Festival 2013, Day of the Dead Set Awesome


Future Music Festival Logo / Advertisement

28/12/12 – The Day of the Dead comes to the Future Music Festival in 2013

Around Melbourne I have recognised these bright pink posters with a white skull in the centre of the image, I had soon realised that these posters are advertising the next Future Music Festival in 2013 that is held at the Flemington Racecourse each year. The letters from the alphabet are used for the eye sockets, nose and mouth; while the logo is quite simple, the skull is very effective on a large-scale.

Every year, Future Music create a new logo and a completely different style for their website as well as their product banding. This is quite a clever idea, as they are updating their event and advertising with all the latest trends. Well as we all know by now, the skull has become extremely popular in fashion, advertising and product design, so it’s no surprise that Future Music Festival have used the skull for their own branding.


Skeletal Figures from Future Music Video Clip

The skull also features a unique style, typography is used to create a basic outline of the skull, now that’s creative if you ask me. I decided to search for Future music Festival on the Internet, when I clicked onto their official website I had realised that Future Music Festival have decided to go with a Day of the Dead theme.

In fact the subtitle for the event is called “Day of the Dead – Set Awesome” that also accompanies a skull with love hearts for cross-bones. The graphics are very creative and innovative, I would instantly buy a t-shirt with the logo printed to the front! Even the website is awesome, the layout is definitely well designed, all I can say is….the Future Music Festival must have a very clever graphic design / advertising team. The website also features a small video clip that features animated skeletons dancing in a deserted town, playing musical instruments.

The animation is impressive, as soon as I viewed the clip I immediately wanted to buy a ticket. The very start of the clip features an image of a skull floating around in space, the scene reminds me of an 80’s Sci Fi Film that immediately jumps to a dusty town with skeletal figures jumping up and down to electronic / dance music. In fact, the video clip is so good, I’ve replayed it about 6 times now and i cannot stop talking about it. The idea of actually attending a Day of the Dead music event, just makes me almost fall off my chair in excitement!


Well Future Music Festival are definitely keeping up with the trends, as the Day of the Dead is becoming extremely popular in Melbourne. The other day I had witnessed another Mexican restaurant that has recently opened for business. With all the shops, restaurants, cafes and gallery spaces in the city it’s hard to ignore the fact that the Day of the Dead has become a growing interest, especially within the streets of Melbourne.

I am intrigued to see how the Day of the Dead is portrayed in this music event, it’ll be interesting to see what the other attendees think of Mexico’s annual celebration. Nova’s website has also announced that the Future Music Festival will be “Mexican themed”, I just hope they have good tacos. Gosh it sounds like I’ve already bought the tickets, although it would take a lot of will power to turn down this event! How can anyone turn down a Day of the Dead themed music festival?

For information about the 2013 lineup and the ticket prices, click on the link below to visit the official website.



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