Emilio Garcia


Skulls by Emilio Garcia

27/12/12 – Jumping Brain becomes the Next in Thing!

While searching through the internet this morning, I have discovered the works of Emilio Garcia. According to the official website, Garcia is visual artist from Spain who has worked for many international corporations. What I do find particularly interesting is Garcia’s sculptures that features a very vibrant juxtaposition between the skull and the shape of the brain. The colour as well as the texture definitely adds a very interesting quality; I could definitely myself with one of these skulls for my computer desk!

According to the artist’s website, “Jumping brain” is Garcia’s most recent project; each sculpture features similar shapes and patterns that are associated with the human brain that adds a visual and dynamic appearance on the surface of Garcia’s work. There is limited information about the “Jumping brain”, although the website does explain that the sculptures are made with plastic due to the artist’s own fascination with manufactured materials.

The products are now mass-produced worldwide and the online shop does distribute a range of products from the “Jumping Brain” collection. Garcia’s work has also been displayed in several art galleries in Europe and the United States. What fascinates me the most about Garcia’s skulls is the fact that the brain is displayed on the surface of each skull, in a way the interior becomes the exterior, well metaphorically I should say.

The online shop, I must admit I a very clever idea, with the internet right at our fingertips, more and more of us are now using online stores to purchase products and why not? Ok there are some items I wouldn’t purchase online, but for artistic and quirky products such as Garcia’s jumping brain, why wouldn’t you use the net? I am beginning to notice artists and designers installing online stores, blogs and folios, there are very interesting products you can find online.

Garcia’s sculptures have pop culture written all over them and that’s what I like! If I noticed these sculptures in a gallery space, I would need to have someone with me to drag me away, they’re definitely eye-catching that’s for sure! In a way the skulls remind me of both pop art and surrealism, the vibrant colours and the unusual patterns makes these sculptures unique in their own right.

For more information, check out Garcia’s online store.


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