Sugar Skull Recap


26/12/12 – Sugar Skulls on Christmas Week

By Charlotte Pridding

Well I hope everyone had a good christmas, I know too well that I have consumed way too much sugar over the summer holidays. Speaking of sugar, I have been decorating sugar skulls almost everyday this week! Once I start I cannot stop, I’m enjoying the sugar skull decorating way too much in my opinion. I have been testing different colours, such as blue, green, red, black & grey. I usually cringe at the sight of red and green together, although this particular combination did work for the christmas sugar skull I created yesterday morning.


The fluro colours also add vibrant patterns and designs that also compliment the base of the sugar skull. i am not normally a fan of blue and green but for some reason these colours seem to work with the sugar skulls. It has been interesting to see what colour combinations you can create for the sugar skull moulds. In fact the red and green christmas design is my favourite one that I have produced so far, I’m not sure if it’s the colour or just the pattern that I am interested in.

Each time I decorate a skull I seem to be improving, which is a good start for any new medium you decide to use. I have had some people say that I could even be a cake decorator, while I do find this particular comment very flattering, I might stick to sugar skulls decorating for the mean time. Fancy that! from decorating sugar skulls, I now feel confident that I can decorate cakes, but this idea may become a future endeavour.

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