Skulls as Christmas Presents


Ceramic Skull Beads from Amor Y Locura & other Christmas Presents

Photography by Charlotte Pridding

20/12/12 – Skulls for Christmas!

Over the past week, I have been receiving quite a lot of skull bracelets and necklaces. I also bought a few ceramic beads from Amor Y Locura that I have eventually turned into a necklace. I was quite excited when I took these small ceramic skulls to the Jewellery store in Geelong, as soon as the lady attached some thread to these beads, this awesome one of a kind necklace was immediately placed around my neck! I did not even care that I have just come from a fancy event, the skulls were worn with all my other fancy jewellery, as tacky as it sounds! But why wouldn’t you wear these awesome ceramic skulls around your neck? I know it would have been way to hard to resist.

Skull Bead from Amor Y Locura on Gertrude Street

I also received a colourful skull bracelet that I haven’t taken off my wrist quite wrist except for the shower. The bracelet this just to die for and it just compliments everything else that I wear. I also received another ceramic bead from Amor Y Locura that I will make into another necklace once I get the chance and it’ll be worn with my skull necklace and bracelet!

Christmas Presents Part II

I also received another bracelet with the skull and crossbones attached to the front, I cannot take this one off either, this bracelet is almost glued to my wrist! But why wouldn’t you have skulls as christmas presents? I honestly think it’s a great idea! As you may know by now, I have a terrible habit with opening christmas presents early, I just cannot help myself, the surprise is just too much! Plus I have enjoyed wearing all my skull bracelets over christmas! 🙂

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