Christmas Present Making in the Process!


21/12/12 – Black & White Sugar Skull One

Copyright Charlotte Pridding

On the 21st of December, I decided to decorate a sugar skull as a christmas present and I also decided to create black icing for my design. I was quite surprised as It has taken quite a long time to create an icing that was jet black, in the past the icing has turned into a dark grey. I finally created the perfect mixture and each time I decided to decorate a skull, the easier it is to decorate the actual mould.

This skull in particular was rather time consuming due to the fact I had decided to incorporate quite a complex and detailed design. At 10pm at night, I had finally finished decorating the skull and I happily wrapped the gift in some colourful Christmas wrapping paper. Personally I believe there is nothing better than receiving something that is hand made and plus I get to expand upon my own skills!

The sugar skulls feature so many interesting designs, they just look great in the house or on top of the book case. While the icing is quite time consuming, I do throughly enjoy the process as the sugar skulls do provide the opportunity to be creative. Considering most sugar skulls are usually very colourful and vibrant, I thought it would be interesting to work with black and white. Through the process, I am hoping to apply the Mexican sugar skulls within a Western / European context.

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