Black & White Sugar Skull part III


24/12/12 – Sugar Skull Decorating on New Years Eve

Sugar Skull & Photography by Charlotte Pridding

It’s Christmas eve and what I have I decided to do with my spare time? more sugar skull decorating how would anybody guess! I decided to use the black icing although the mixture was too runny and the mixture did drip all the way down the skull. Instead of throwing the mould away and starting again, I decided to turn a disastrous situation into an artistic creation! I used my own creativity in order to transform my mistake into an interesting design.

This way all apart of the challenge, creating a design that would make my mistake appear intentional. I decided to work with the runny icing and the skull almost appears to be crying from the right eye socket. I added dots along with swirls in order to add an interesting design to the mould; the results are very different from what I was expecting as I did not plan for the icing to completely drip from the eye socket.


The skull does appear similar to something you would see in a Tim Burton film and the mould also reminds me of Jack Skeleton from the Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s interesting to actually see what designs you can create when something doesn’t exactly go to plan. It’s quite difficult to actually plan the design, as soon as I squeeze the icing sugar onto the skull, the design does change significantly, instead I create a spontaneous design that I didn’t even plan in the first place. It all depends on the consistency of the icing sugar but the process is rather interesting as I never quite know what to expect!

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