Black and White Sugar Skull Part II


22/12/12 – Photographing Sugar Skull in the Dark

Ok so I am going through a sugar skull frenzy at the moment and my lounge room is overloaded with sugar skulls! no joke, I am struggling to find room for them all because I enjoy decorating the moulds, it becomes addictive after a while. So in my previous post, I created a black and white sugar skull as a gift and I have been photographing the process; I thought it would be a genius idea to set up a mini studio in my bedroom with a couple of black folios and a fluorescent lamp. I must admit it wasn’t the best set up but for a student who has been studying for four years full time, I did seem like a marvellous idea at the time.

I just had to work with what I have at the moment (as soon as I am working full time I will invest in proper equipment for product shots!) and I do like a good old challenge as the lighting wasn’t the best. It was interesting to experiment with the different angles and compositions; I kept moving the light and taking shots at the same time. I would have used my tripod that has been lying around in my closet but yet again I have lost the clip on the very top that attaches the camera to the tripod and yes I need to invest in a new one, how annoying is that?!

It has been interesting taking photographs at night as this isn’t something I am used to, this does require extra time to set the ISO and the white balance plus the accurate exposure. After an hour or so I did take a couple of shots are that I can work with, I still need to practise taking photographs at night, but with practise I will eventually get the hang of it.

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